I’m Not Gonna Write You a Love Song…


Blank stares at blank pages
No easy way to say this:
“You mean well, but you you make this hard on me…” 

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On Top of the Roof, the Air is So Cold and So Calm…


I scream into the night for you,
“Don’t make it true;
don’t jump!”
The lights will not guide you through.
They’re deceiving you.
Don’t jump!
Don’t let memories go
of me and you…
The world is down there out of view.
Please don’t jump…

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We Walk on Broken Ground

‘Cause when we’re torn apart
Shattered and scarred
Love has the grace to save us
We’re just two tarnished hearts
But in each others arms
We become saints and angels

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You Ruined Me

‘Cause you play me like a symphony
Play me till your fingers bleed
I’m your greatest masterpiece
You ruin me
Later when the curtain’s drawn
And no one’s there for you back home
Don’t cry to me you played me wrong
You ruin me…

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Talkin’ to Your Ghost When I’m Asleep

talkin to your ghost when I'm asleep.png


Oh, you’re never really dead to me
And maybe that’s the mystery of ours.
I used to think when you were gone
I would still hear voices in the halls…


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If You Love Me…

fight when you feel like flying 2.png


Hold… Hold on. 
Hold on to me. 
‘Cause I’m a little unsteady. 
A little unsteady…


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