It’ll All Make Sense in the Morning

It'll All Make Sense in the Morning.png

Are these roots and leaves, or is this a part of me?
When I reach my hands in, I feel life absorbing.

It’s been an interesting couple of days. This post is actually back-dated because I’ve had an interesting week. I feel like I write that more often than I’d like, but at the same time, there’s not much I can really do about that. I was recently asked to blog for a friend’s store when she opened it, IM Collection. This is the “Demi” – The store actually opened the 18th… which I believe was my original reason for holding off on this post in the first place, but I can’t remember. The last couple days have sort of blended together, anyway.

I love this color. I love this pose. Ise didn’t make this pose, but I really like this sim and the whole set-up for this photo was kind of an accident but I think it worked out well. I hope her grand opening day went amazing, too! I’m sad to say I missed it. She’s got quite a few pretty pieces she’s passed out to her bloggers though, so if you haven’t checked it out, check out the LM in my description… Which I’ll be posting now because I’ve got other blogs to post after this one for many, many reasons.


[Head][Lelutka][Simone Mesh Head (v2.2)]
[Skin][Lumae][Yulia (T4 w/freckles)]
[Body][Maitreya][Lara (v3.5)]
[Hands][Vista Animations][Bento ProHands Fem]
[Hair][enVOGUE Hairstyle Studio][Jacquelyn (Light Reds)]
[Lips][Zibska[Plais Lips #4]
[Eyes][IKON][Triumph Eyes (Evening)]
[Dress][I.M. Collection][Demi (Teal)]
[Pose][{Rose & Thorn} Poses][Missing You]
[Location][La Vie Sim]
[Inspiration Tune][Halou – It Will All Make Sense in the Morning]


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