Welcome to My World of Truth…

lumae zib image

Strip away the flesh and bone
Look beyond the lies you’ve known
Everybody wants to talk about a freak
No one wants to dig that deep
Let me take you underneath…

Okay, so… Apparently, while I’ve been away, WordPress has changed its formatting. Again. Thanks for that, WordPress. I was just getting used to the last system and now everything has flip-flopped to the other side of my screen. How wonderful and disorienting…

Anyway… The actual purpose of this post is that, as I mentioned in the last post, I cut down quite a bit. I’m sure that some of you are surprised to see that Nova is nude in this photo. *le gasp!* First of all, this is a new Lumae skin available at Skin Fair, the Aurora (it’s for Lelutka… Sorry Catwa peeps) paired with a new lipstick from Zibska ALSO available at Skin Fair. See what I did there?

Secondly, I found this tiny little building kind of out of the way at the La Vie sim with all these canvases in it and little random art supplies (I’ll have to come back later and link that stuff in this post – I was having some loady issues so everything was coming up as ‘object’ when I was trying to have a look-see while I was there) and had one of those moments where the only thing I could think of was that scene from “Titanic” where Rose looks at Jack and says:

“Draw me like one of your French girls.”

Now, I’m not going to get started on THAT red head, ’cause every woman out there knows that Rose could have made room for Jack on that damn door instead of leaving him to turn into a Jack-sickle in the water, but regardless, that was the inspiration, and it was a fun photo, and I had fun taking it, and I had fun exploring the sim, and I had fun in general, which is something I’ve been forgetting about recently, and something that I promised myself I would start doing more of. It’s a reason I dropped a few sponsors and went on vacation from several more. It’s nice to do things a little differently for a little bit and relax and get back to the reasons I started doing this in the first place. Plus, I think this skin looks absolutely amazing. I am absolutely in love with all these freckles ❤

Regardless of my decisions of late, I would like to thank very patient friends and sponsors who have stood by me and put up with me while I take a step back and lessen the load for a few months. It means a lot to have such good friends and such an amazing supoort system in both worlds.

Now… Stop reading this and get your butts to Skin Fair. Do it. Doooo it.

[Head][Lelutka][Simone Mesh Head (v2.2)]
[Skin][Lumae @ Skin Fair][Aurora (T4 w/freckles)]
[Body][Maitreya][Lara (v3.5)]
[Hands][Vista Animations][Bento ProHands Fem]
[Hair][enVOGUE Hairstyle Studio][Jacquelyn (Light Reds)]
[Lips][ZibskaSkin Fair][Saria Lips]
[Eyes][IKON][Triumph Eyes (Evening)]
[Location][La Vie Sim]
[Inspiration Tune][Adam Lambert – Underneath]


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