Somebody’s Watchin’ Me…

Somebody's Watchin' Me....png

Who’s watching?
Tell me who’s watching.
Who’s watching me?

So, funny story. Earlier, I took a photo with this dress from [Cynful] and this hair from Phoenix, who have collaborated for the upcoming round of Collabor88… and I hated the photo that I took. I mean, I thought it was going to be amazing, but I just hated it.

Then I got an idea for a cool little story, and I decided that since I hated the first photo so much, I would take another photo with this styling and a pose from Image Essentials (new sponsor), call it a day, and write my little story here, as I sometimes do with my photos.

I wanted to find someplace that was kind of old, worn, and a little bit creepy. So, I went sim-hopping until I found this place–Arranmore. It had the vintage, creepy sort of vibe that I was looking for, and I soon found myself standing on this balcony, with my pose all set, snapping away.

And then I got into Photoshop. I took this same photo a grand total of 33 times with various shadow settings and different windlights. There was maybe a second or two between snaps and saves. The above photo was number 19/33, and I can promise you when I saved it there was no one–or at least no one that I could see–standing beside me. I only noticed the person off to the side once I pulled the photo into Photoshop.

Here’s where it gets strange. This avatar in all black seemingly staring at me from the side of the photo was not in any of the other 33 snaps I did, taken over a period of maybe a few minutes at most. This avatar isn’t even in the other snaps taken with this same windlight, and yet, there she stands, fully formed, staring at me from that creepy shadowed doorway.

Here’s some of the others from that series:


Note above: No extra person staring at me all creepy-like from that dark doorway. All photos from the same angle, in the same pose, taken seconds apart. Which leads me to this:

I have no idea how she got there. She’s in none of my other photos, and the fact that she is fully formed is a miracle, as I can promise you my graphics card tries to implode when there’s more than one avatar (mine) around. Even meeting one of my new sponsors last night in an empty area not open to the public, I saw her as nothing more than a jelly doll. My settings make use of the jelly doll feature to help with lag because I am working from a laptop with a less-than-stellar graphics card.

So basically, this avatar is some kind of anomaly.

Or a ghost…

Which almost seems fitting, considering this sim is tagged as “haunted.”

Of all the photos I took, I decided that I had to share this one, because going through these photos and seeing that form in that doorway where I was certain there had been nothing totally freaked me out.

But it also makes for an interesting story, doesn’t it?

I suppose you want to know more about my styling though, don’t you?

[Head][Lelutka][Simone Mesh Head (v2.2)]
[Skin][Glam Affair @ Epiphany][Susan (America 03 RARE)]
[Body][Slink][Slink Physique (v2.8)]
[Hands][Vista Animations][Bento ProHands Fem]
[Eyeshadow][Le Petit Atelier][Eyes & Lips Makeup HUD for Lelutka]
[Lips][Le Petit Atelier][Eyes & Lips Makeup HUD for Lelutka]
[Necklace][[Cynful] Clothing & Co. @ Collabor88][Regality Necklace *]
[Hair][:::Phoenix::: @ Collabor88][Tiana Hair V1 *]
[Dress][[Cynful] Clothing & Co. @ Collabor88][Regality Corset Set *]
[Pose][Image Essentials][Soft Caress #3]
[Inspiration Tune][Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me]

*Note: The Regality corset set from [Cynful] and the hair from :::Phoenix::: are a collaborative effort for the upcoming round of Collabor88. 


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