She’s Got Ice on Her Lashes…

The trees stand like soldiers around her
Dutiful wooden curse
And the heart she feared frozen
Still beats and still marches on.

nova boots pixicat.png

No story or poetry with this post. This song has been really stuck in my head, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the ups and downs this year. There have been a lot, and I think, at least for me, there have been a lot of changes… Some good, and some bad. My sorority is doing something fun for the holiday season with the sisters that really got me thinking. It seemed like such a simple task, but in considering what I wanted to say about it all, I realized that sometimes, for humanity in general, some of the simplest things are the most difficult. Kindness. Understanding. Acceptance. Love.

I hope we see more of that next year. I hope that we can all make those positive changes that we want to see within ourselves… We have to do that before we can expect to see them in other people.

[Head][Lelutka][Stella Mesh Head (v1.6)]
[Skin][Glam Affair][Misha (Lelutka Applier)]
[Body][Slink][Slink Physique (v2.8)]
[Hands][Slink][AvEnhance Hands (Elegant)]
[Hair][TRUTH Hair][Priya (Gingers)]
[Lips][.:JUMO:.][Passion Lips]
[Hair][TRUTH][Priya (Gingers) – with additions in Photoshop]
[Sweater][Pixicat][Fall Sweater (Green)]
[Tights][Pixicat][Fall Tights (Roses)]
[Shoes][Slipper Originals][Nina Boots (Brown)]
[Location][It All Starts With a Smile]
[Inspiration Tune][Brooke Fraser – Ice on Her Lashes]


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