…And What Can Never Be.


She’d had to leave us, my keeper he prayed for a safe return.
But when the night came, the weather to a raging storm had turned.
He watched her ship fight, but in vain against the wild and terrible waves.
In me so helpless, as dashed against the rock she met her end.
Then on the next day, my keeper found her washed up on the shore.
He kissed her cold face, that they’d be together soon, he’d swore.
I saw him crying, watched as he buried her in the sand.
And then he climbed my tower, and off of the edge of me he ran…

Nova's Lighthouse Photo

She hated to see him cry. She hated it more than anything. When she knew they were sinking, she looked toward the lighthouse and shed a tear. He was there, she knew, invisible beyond the brightness of that light that simultaneously beckoned her forward and brought everything to a screeching halt all at once.

Even after the fire in her lungs had ceased, even after she stole her last breath and swallowed the water that ended her, she had lingered there, watching over him with the kind of sadness that only a profound loss could bring. He’d been waiting for her, and now he’d never not be waiting. If her heart could have broken again, it would have.

His words the next day were soft-spoken, like a breath on the wind meant only for her ears, but she heard them clearly.

“I’ll see you soon,” he’d said. “We’ll be together again.”

If she could have, she would have smiled then. The last time he’d spoken those words had been the day they met. She was walking barefoot through the sand, her legs and sundress dotted with droplets of salt water, when she first saw him losing a fight with the sail on his boat a few yards away. He caught her staring, and he’d smiled then–she loved it when he did that–and introduced himself.

There was something about him. Something about his slightly scruffy appearance and his farmer’s tan and that beautiful smile that drew her to him instantly, as a moth to a flame. Before she knew it, the sun was sinking below the horizon, and she was shouting her apologies as she raced back toward her car.

“Don’t worry,” he’d called after her. “I’ll see you soon! I have a feeling we’ll be together again.”

Something pulled her from the memory. He was racing toward her in a full sprint, through her, past her…

And then he was flying.

No. Falling. He was falling, and he hit the water, and the sea swallowed him whole with little more than a second thought, just as easily as it had swallowed her the day before.

[Head][Lelutka][Stella Mesh Head (v1.6)]
[Skin][((=alterego=))][Yasmine (Chai)]
[Hands][Slink][AvEnhance Hands (Elegant)]
[Nails][-{ZOZ}-][Opal Summer Grey Nails]
[Tattoo][Pinup Store @ Revamped][Serena in White]
[Lips][Zibska][Frida Lips #12]
[Hair][*Argrace*][Azami (Light Brown)]
[Dress][Miss Darcy @ Revamped][Fringe Dress (Bali Hai)]
[Pose][PosESioN][Amour #10]
[Inspiration Tune][Nickel Creek – The Lighthouse’s Tale]


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