If You Love Me…

fight when you feel like flying 2.png


Hold… Hold on. 
Hold on to me. 
‘Cause I’m a little unsteady. 
A little unsteady…


She tried to control the shaking of her shoulders. She cried silently. Only those, she knew, that would dare to get close enough, only those that knew her really well, would know that she was grieving. The well had run dry months ago, somewhere between, “We’ll try this,” and “There’s nothing we can do,” but even that didn’t make the weight of the pain any easier to bear, especially with almost an entire continent to separate them.

“If you’ll love me, you’ll go,” she’d said that day. The sun had been out, peeking through the leaves of the large tree in her front yard as they sat on the porch, enjoying the sounds of the birds chirping and the sweet-yet-musty aroma given off by the rose bushes that climbed up the side of the house.

“You need to go,” she’d said again later, a smile on her face. On days like that one, when she was smiling, and there was some pink in her cheeks and even the slight hint of a bounce to her step, it was hard to tell that she was even sick. Somehow though, she knew.

She knew that “You need to go,” translated to, “You don’t need to be here. Not anymore. Not for something like this.”

And so, she had agreed.

The mountain air was crisper on the lungs, but heavier at the same time. Still, once she got used to it, it was hard not to admire the beauty, to get lost in the wilderness, or mesmerized by a flock of birds executing a beautiful display of aerial acrobatics overhead. It was hard not to take a deep breath, sit back, and appreciate everything from the glass-like reflection on the face of the water to the way the mountain peaks sliced through the clouds like a knife through butter…

fight when you feel like flying 1.png

And every night, there was a phone call. An “I love you.” A sweet but subtle reminder that summer would be over soon, and everything would still be there when she got back. Even the occasional, “I told you so.”

But then one night, there was nothing. Not until the phone rang the next morning.

Somehow, then, she knew, and when her lungs stopped burning and she could finally, blissfully breathe again, she found her words, and they were not what she thought they would be.

“Tell her I love her,” she’d whispered into the receiver. “Tell her I love her. She can let go…”


[Skin][((=alterego=))][Dionne (Neutre)]
[Hands][Slink][AvEnhance Hands (Elegant)]
[Eyes]IKON][Sunrise Eyes (Azure Light)]
[Lashes][*Mon Cheri*][Falsies – Mesh Lashes]
[Face][Madrid Solo][Hustle (Blush, Moles, Freckles)]
[Lips][Zibska][Plias Lips #4]
[Eyeshadow][Zibska][Arlie Eye Makeup #15]
[Tattoo (Image 1)[Endless Pain Tattoos][Heart Circle Gift (Boho Couture Fair 2015)]
[Hair][eXxEsS][Teta (Dark Brown)]
[Necklace][Zibska][Leta Necklace]
[Dress][BLUEBERRY @ Collabor88][Scarlet (Floral 1)]
[Shoes][*{ SeVered GarDeN }*][Alba  Ballet Strap]
[Pose (Feature Image)][GoodCross Resident][Sitting on Wall Pose]
[Pose (Image 1)][:LW: Poses][Reach for the Stars]
[Location][Gates of Melancholy]
[Inspiration Tune][X Ambassadors – Unsteady]



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