Dust Yourself Off and…

Before you ask, because I know that, seeing the title, you’re all probably wondering:

No. I didn’t lose my mind. At least not all of it. Not yet.

too fly for a bad guy blog.png


I may have had just a little  too much fun with this old pose from DeePosed, but I couldn’t help myself. As usual, it’s been an interesting couple of days, and I have handled it with my usual…decorum. Seriously, though. If I ever have a day where nothing goes wrong and I can actually breathe without metaphorically getting punched in the gut, I will probably die of happiness. But I digress.

So I was playing around with some older poses and exploring Second Life because that’s how I roll, and I decided to get dressed up and have some fun and take some pictures. This is the “Too Fly” Shorts and Blouse from [Cynful] Clothing & Co. It’s one of the first items I nabbed to blog back when I made their blogger team, and then I took about 9 million pictures and for some reason hated everything I took, scrapped the whole idea, and shelved it for later. So here it is today, in all its smexy glory! I paired it with a new release from -Endless Pain Tattoos- that will be at this round of the Totally Top Shelf event running from Aug 5 – Aug 26  called Ananke. And because this photo was still (at least in my opinion) lacking in the sass department, I added this awesome wind-blown hair from Argrace called “Haruka.”

*brushes off the haters*

I. Feel. Fabulous.

And I am. And that’s what I’ve learned in the last couple weeks.No matter what knocks me down, or who, or even why, I am always going to get back up and brush it off because I am fierce, and I am fabulous…and maybe just a little bit stubborn. Nothing and no-one will keep me down for long. That is my new promise to myself.

But y’all came here for the fashion, didn’t you?

Let me enlighten you!

[Skin][((=alterego=))][Dionne (Neutre)]
[Hands][Slink][AvEnhance Hands (Elegant)]
[Eyes]IKON][Sunrise Eyes (Azure Light)]
[Lashes][*Mon Cheri*][Falsies – Mesh Lashes]
[Face][Madrid Solo][Hustle (Blush, Moles, Freckles)]
[Lips][Zibska][Billie Lips #5]
[Eyeshadow][Zibska][Arlie Eye Makeup #15]
[Tattoo][Endless Pain Tattoos @ Totally Top Shelf][Ananke]
[Hair][*ARGRACE*][Haruka – Light Brown]
[Top and Shorts][[Cynful] Clothing & Co][Too Fly Blouse and Shorts]
[Pose][DeePosed][Breeze 2]
[Inspiration Tune][Aaliyah – Try Again]


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