I’ll Only Fly Away…

cynful blog final


It has been a really unfortunate day, but that’s okay. I feel like on days like this, one of the best things that you can do is write it down and get it out. And so I’m here with a fabulous new fashion preview for you and a bit of reflection.

It has been a long week. A really, really long week. I have learned several things this week, both about myself and about other people. I’ve learned that I say ‘Yes’ too much, mostly because I’m afraid of disappointing people. I’ve learned that hard work pays off. I’ve learned that good friends are great for those days when you really need a hug, or a shoulder to cry on.

I have accomplished so much lately, and it’s really amazing to see all of that start paying off. I am so excited about what the future holds… But I’ve also learned that sometimes, I need to take a step back and do things for me, too.

I think we should all do that, at least every once in a while.

I found this awesome prop on a sim called ‘Everlong.’ I think it’s one of my new favorite places to take photos. I have a wonderful new sponsor, [Cynful], and I was really excited to find out that I had been chosen as one of their bloggers, and even more excited when I discovered this awesome outfit. The ‘Groovy’ romper and sandals is HUD customizable, so there’s tons of color options. I had trouble deciding which color to choose. This super cute outfit is a release from [Cynful] for the upcoming and absolutely fabulous Vintage Fair, and I love it.

This prop also felt perfect for a song that has been stuck in my head. So of course, I had to share!

I’m feeling much better. It’s been such a hard week, but I am so proud of myself for everything that I have accomplished lately, and so glad I’ve had some good friends by my side to remind me to stick to my guns and not…fly away…when things get difficult.

Thanks. You know who you are.

But you guys… You guys are probably here for the fashion, right? Want the details?


[Skin][((=alterego=))][Dionne (Neutre)]
[Hands][Slink][AvEnhance Hands (Elegant)]
[Eyes]IKON][Sunrise Eyes (Azure Light)]
[Eyeshadow][Kodaijin Makeup @ ReVAMPED][Green – Muted]
[Lashes][*Mon Cheri*][Falsies – Mesh Lashes]
[Hair][RunAway][Robin Hair (Browns)]
[Face][Madrid Solo][Hustle (Blush, Moles, Freckles)]
[Lips][Zibska @ Uber][Nava Lips #1]
[Teeth][PXL][OpenMouth Pro Basic]
[Nails][Nailed It!][Raw Nostalgia Set – Dusty Rose]
[Jewelry][League][Wanderer Set – Golden Oak]
[Tattoo][White Widow][Altar]
[Outfit][[Cynful Clothing and Co] @ Vintage Fair (link soon)][Groovy Romper and Sandals]
[Inspiration Tune][Nelly Furtado – I’m Like a Bird]


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