::Mirror Mirror:: is Looking for Bloggers!

blog for MM.png

A shameless self-promo post! ::Mirror Mirror:: is looking for bloggers! Click the image to get more details and to fill out an application!

::Mirror Mirror:: is also having a cover photo contest with some pretty neat prizes! Here’s the announcement from the official ::MM:: Facebook page!


The first half-ish of the new formals collection is in the store! There are ten total new gowns in this formals collection, which I have named “50 Shades of Gray” because I’m a smarty-pants. Pieces from the collection will appear in a My Light Fashion Agency show on March 17th, where an EXCLUSIVE piece not available in the store (yet) will be showcased! The exclusive from the upcoming My Light show will release in-store after the show.

The other half of the collection will release soon.

For those interested in the cover photo contest, here are the details!

The contest will run from tomorrow 3/15/16 to 5/15/16. How do you enter?

1. Pick up your favorite piece from the “50 Shades of Gray” formals collection in the store. The collection is releasing in stages, so feel free to check back throughout the duration of the contest for other pieces, or watch the ::MM:: Facebook page for release information!

2. Like our Facebook page!

3. Snap your best photo! – Be creative, and be YOU. Have FUN with it. Photoshop is allowed, but not required. Please do NOT pay a professional. Do your own photos. Photoshop is allowed, but not required.

4. Submit your full-perm photo with your name (Legacy name, not display) and a style card to Novaleigh Freng in-world.

5. Multiple entries ARE allowed, but one avatar will not win multiple times.

What do you get?

The first place winner’s photo will become the cover image for ::Mirror Mirror::’s Facebook page. The winner will also be offered a spot as a ::MM:: blogger and be offered the opportunity to model in future ::MM:: store ads. You can, of course, decline these if you wish.

The winner will also get a scholarship for an advanced styling course offered by L’Amour Nexus University of Fashion. Entrants, please contact Novaleigh Freng for more information about this offer.

Two runners-up will also be offered the opportunity to blog for ::MM:: or model in future ads if they so choose. ::MM:: bloggers and models often get a look at future pieces well before they hit the store.
Entries into the contest MUST be passed to Novaleigh Freng by 11:59 SLT on 5/15/16. Entries turned in after this point will be deemed invalid. Results of the photo contest will be posted as soon as possible, and the winners will be contacted in-world.

For more information, please feel free to contact Novaleigh Freng in Second Life or on Facebook.


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