Fashion for Life is HERE!

Fashion for Life is officially here! The event runs from March 6th to March 20th, and encompasses several sims and nearly eighty designers representing some of your favorite brands across the grid!

::Mirror Mirror:: is also participating this year, and I’ve got a surprise for you. I’ve gone PURPLE! Not only have I released the first casuals than any who follow my tiny brand will see in my collection, but everything available at ::Mirror Mirror:: on the David Bowie tribute sim is PURPLE. It’s Relay! When in Rome, right?

Here are the casuals available at the ::Mirror Mirror:: FFL location:

Also in the spirit of Relay season, every item available there is packed inside of a vendor, which means no matter what you pick up, every last Linden dollar will go straight to the American Cancer Society! Usually, I try not to pimp ::Mirror Mirror:: too much on this blog, but during FFL, I’ll be sharing as much as I can about some of the wonderful fashions you can find during the event.

::Mirror Mirror:: also has three special event items that are available. One is hidden at the store, and the other two are auction items. The items you see in this post are some of the very first casuals I’ve released, so I wanted to share them, too. Feel free to demo them on sim. There are six purple casuals in total.


Please stay tuned to this blog for more Fashion for Life 2016 news  and previews, and please feel free to contact me in-world or on Facebook (Novaleigh Freng) if you’d like me to share or otherwise promote your FFL blogs and items! I’d love to help! Above all else, please get out there and check out some of the amazing sims and be sure to hunt down your favorite designer and look for that familiar Relay for Life vendor. Every penny you put into these vendors goes to an amazing cause AND adds some fabulous pieces to your wardrobe! It’s a win no matter how you look at it. Let’s band together, paint SL purple, and kick cancer’s butt.

Check out ::Mirror Mirror:: and other awesome designers on the David Bowie tribute sim [here]. Follow the road to lead you on to the next themed sim, and your next fashion adventure in our fight against cancer!


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