When You’re Ready, Come’n Get It…

pink ice countessa exclusive 1


Fashion for Life 2016 (in support of Relay for Life) is coming! Are you ready? I know I am!

I also know that I am usually really picky about things that are applier-related for the mesh bodies. I’m going to be honest about that. However, when I was looking through some of the awesome previews from the talented designers at Fashion for Life, I stumbled across this outfit. It’s called “Countessa,” and you’ll be able to get your hands on it in a few days. There are several different ways you can apply this outfit, and it even comes with a flexi skirt option (which I am not wearing in this photographs). I chose the more PG version for several reasons, but I really like this.

pink ice countessa exclusive 3

I am not entirely sure that my pictures do it justice. The textures look great. It’s sexy, fun, and flirty… Which makes it right up my alley. I’m going to be honest (again) and say that I don’t get out much, so I’ve never been to Pink Ice, but I will be skipping merrily over to their shop during Fashion for Life to see what else they might have to offer.

See, I don’t often wear things like this in Second Life…probably because I’m a bit picky, but I’m really digging this one. It’s got a classic feel to it. I might have to re-think my feelings on appliers. Pink Ice has some other stunning items available. I only wish I could talk about everything, but I’m pretty sure that FFL would open up well before I ever finished flapping my trap.

Here’s the thing, guys: The money from items sold at Fashion for Life goes to an amazing cause, so whether you check it out because you want to look like a knock-out the next time you get some alone time with your “special friend” or you want to restock your wardrobe with the latest fabulous pieces out there, check it out. Check it out and know that it’s not just a clothing fair. It’s so much more than that.

Are you ready?

Fashion for Life opens in two short days. Check out this awesome item from Pink Ice or explore several sims full of fashion from some of your favorite designers, and help us kick cancer’s butt.

[Skin][^^Swallow^^][Sabry – Peach]
[Body][Slink][Slink Physique (Hourglass)]
[Hands][Slink][Av Enhance Female Hands (Elegant)]
[Eyes][IKON][Sunrise Eyes – Azure Light]
[Hair][enVOGUE][Gisselle – Dark Browns]
[Face][Madrid Solo][“Hustle” Blush, Moles, Freckles]
[Lips][Zibska][Lurine Lips #6]
[Lingerie][Pink Ice][Countessa – Fashion for Life EXCLUSIVE]


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