ReVAMPED is coming…

Are you ready to see how some of your favorite designers have breathed new life into some of their fabulous items? I know I am! ReVAMPED, hosted by Models Giving Back, is a new monthly event for just that purpose. The first round starts tomorrow and goes until the 20th of next month, and fourteen of your favorite designers are participating in this round!

I am, too, but we’re not talking about me today. Instead, feast your eyes upon this:

zibska 1


If you don’t automatically recognize this style, this is an exclusive item for ReVAMPED from Zibska, the Arisu Deux.

I know that I have said time and again on this blog that I am not an avant garde type of girl, but I guess I lied a little bit. See, ’cause I would wear literally anything that Zib Scaggs makes, and this outfit is so much fun. It’s customizable from head to toe with just about every color under the rainbow. I was feeling kind of purple-y today, so that’s what I went with. The original, which I can’t seem to find anywhere (all the more reason to snag this one while you can!) did not have this level of customization. I am so much in love with this.


zibska 3


Of course, I think one of the finer points of an event like ReVAMPED is that we all get to fall in love with some of our favorite creations all over again and make them new and exciting and different. Fun, right? There is customization options on the Arisu Deux for the collar chain, the collar bow, the top, the shorts, and the bows at the bottom. For the skirt bows, you can choose a main and an accent color. I nearly turned the outfit into a rainbow just because, but I figured that would be a little too much fabulousness for one post…

I was doing small cartwheels when I found out that Zibska would be participating, and running things over in my mind trying to figure out what would be released. I’m so excited that this dress is out again. It’s so much fun, and I even managed to find some pretty awesome hair at enVOGUE that I felt really tied in with the bow theme!


zibska 2


As I was taking pictures for this blog, I was having such a blast that I actually found it hard to decide which photos to include. I really enjoyed some of the shadows that the skirt cast.

ReVAMPED is the first event of this kind that I know of, and I can’t wait for everyone else to see just how hard at work the designers have been playing Frankenstein and reanimating some of their favorites. You can check out ReVAMPED when it opens to the public tomorrow, or keep your eyes glued to my blog this month as I share more fabulous news and releases from what I am sure is going to be an epic first round.


zibska 4

Want the details?
[Skin][^^Swallow^^][Sabry – Peach]
[Eyes][IKON][Sunrise Eyes – Azure Light]
[Hair][enVOGUE][Chantelle – Dark Browns]
[Hands][Slink][Av Enhance Female Hands (Elegant)]
[Feet][Slink][Av Enhance Female Feet (High)]
[Face][Madrid Solo][“Hustle” Blush, Moles, Freckles]
[Lips][Zibska][Lurine Lips #6]
[Dress][Zibska][Arisu Deux][ReVAMPED Exclusive] – Event LM to be added tomorrow.
[Inspiration Tune][Rasputina – State Fair]


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