Stranger Than Fiction

nova scarf top 2


The last couple days have been pretty eventful, and I have to say that I am pretty excited to finally be getting back into blogging full swing. Real life, as usual, is hectic. This time, though, it’s the good kind of hectic. The kind that makes me sigh and smile as I stare out my window and daydream about what is to come.

What many of you may not know about me is that I am a writer in real life. Fiction. And the stranger, the better! I love a good read, but what I love even more is crafting an amazing story to share with others. Ironically, that is what led me to the world of Second Life. I wanted to explore, and I was excited about the prospect of meeting other people to exchange stories with. This, at least in my experience, is a great way to find common ground with people and build amazing relationships.

I have shared many stories in my time in Second Life, and made many, many friends. I love that about this place. Ironically though, the reason behind my joining Second Life is not the reason that I stayed. See, as I learned and explored, I found so much to do, and so many ways to experience new things, that I haven’t been able to bring myself to leave.

I never imagined in 2007ish when I created my first avatar that I would one day be dancing competitively, or in any sorts of performance venues, or DJing, or modeling. I never even thought that I’d be here now, writing a blog in the whee hours of the morning as I contemplate the reasoning behind the fact that I’m not asleep yet.

But I am here now.

nova scarf top 3

Modeling is an interesting and competitive world in SL, as I’m sure it is in RL. It has opened my eyes to the fashion world, both on and off the grid. I love that. But it has also been an inspiration.

A couple years ago, I was head model for a place called **Angelwing**, which sold silks and fantasy-wear for females in SL. The owner was a wonderfully sweet woman who spoke with me often. She was always very encouraging, and I tried to return the favor. Those of you who know of **Angelwing** know of the beautiful and often intricate work that Angel did on her silks, fairy outfits, and gowns. In the days before mesh, I can honestly say I’d never seen anything like it. She has gone on to other pursuits since then, but she taught me a lot while I knew her.

I confided in her probably about five years ago that I was interested in starting my own clothing line one day. She smiled and told me what hard work it was, and then taught me a little bit about textures, working with prims and prim skirts, and the value of patience. In the years since **Angelwing**, I have learned a lot, I’ve been through a lot, and I’ve grown so much. I hardly understood the fashion world back then, and I think I’m just now starting to get a grip on things, but Angel was one of the first people on the grid to help me ignite that fire. She was also often involved in many events. I never knew how she managed to do it all without pulling her hair out.

Years later, I still hadn’t managed to realize my dream, but I found another source of inspiration when I plunged head first into the modeling world and found that there were more hunts and events and causes all over the grid. I’d barely scratched the surface. Of course, in a world where a legally blind girl can drive and own a cat-like alienesque creature as a pet, I shouldn’t have been too surprised, I guess.

I have finally opened that store I’ve been planning to open for years now. It’s on a tiny little corner in Second Life, and I am so proud of it. ::Mirror Mirror:: is a dream that has been in the making for several years now, and I’m looking forward to diving head-first into things as a designer this time around, and not just a spectator. Events? Yes. Hunts? Yes, please! RFL? Of COURSE. …And anything else that I can do that might make a difference somewhere, somehow, to someone.

I’m not modeling ::MM:: today, though. Outside of hunts and special occasions, I’m going to try NOT to do that. Instead, I wanted to show off this super cute top I found while trolling the marketplace for something else. I have a dirty little not-so-secret love of chevron patterning, and this crop top from OSITO is adorable. I had to get it. It’simple and still makes a statement. You know what’s even more cool? I learned they have an in-world store! I paired the scarf top from OSITO with the “Darla” blazer from E! because I love the color combination. Don’t judge me. Or do… Either way, I think I look fabulous!

nova scarf top 1

You know… Modeling allows us to do some pretty awesome story-telling without the pen and paper involved. The funny thing is, I never thought of it that way until I was elbow deep in styling challenges and drowning in texture options for my spring line.

Thanks, SL. Here’s to hoping you bring me plenty of new experiences on this journey so that I can continue my own story. It might be a little stranger than fiction sometimes, but it’s mine, and that makes it special.

Want the details?

Shape – Mine
[Skin][^^Swallow^^][Sabry – Peach]
[Eyes][IKON][Sunrise Eyes – Azure Light]
[Hands][Slink][Av Enhance Female Hands (Elegant)]
[Feet][Slink][Av Enhance Female Feet (High)]
[Hair][Truth Hair][Arden – Browns]
[Face][Madrid Solo][“Hustle” Blush, Moles, Freckles]
[Lips][.:JUMO:.][Prestige Lips – Red]
[Eyeshadow][< nova >][Bailey Eyeshadow {o12}]
[Crop Top][OSITO][Scarf Top – Lime Zig Zag]
[Jacket][Luas][Urban Style – Miranda Blazer – Pink]
[Jeans][Delirium Style][Cuffed Jeans – Grey]
[Shoes][Slink][Gabrielle Heels]
[Inspiration Tune][Athena Cage – Live Your Dream]



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