I’m Dreamin’…

blog image 4Say “Hello!” to the Peace Gown from {POSH PIXELS}. This gown is available for FREE in their store during the 8th annual Peace on Earth hunt in SL. All YOU have to do is follow the hint and find it!

Okay, so, I’m dreaming of a lot of things this year, actually. But for the first time in perhaps the history of my time on this Earth, I’m actually dreamin’ of a white Christmas. I finally got moved into my new place, and I’m out of the evil aircast-of-doom for the most part, but here’s the problem…

The weather here in central Indiana is acting somewhat more like Spring time weather than ‘the first day of Winter’ weather. It’s killing my joints, it’s confusing the animals, and it’s marginally upsetting to some people who seem to actually want to come up north for the Winter. I think they’re crazy, but it does happen.

blog image 3

Back view! There’s a cape on this gown and a subtle pattern on the fabric throughout. It lays beautifully. I feel like a winter super hero!

Anyway… For me? Well, the weather going back and forth has definitely been irritating the new uni-joint in my ankle. Other than that, though, I’m just too darn warm. It’s not quite too cold, but not quite warm enough for awesome things like the sleeveless gown I’m modeling in the above picture. This makes for a cranky Nova, but luckily, this also means I’m inside, hiding from the rain and working on a long overdue blog post!

I have fallen pretty behind in trying to get my moving done, get internet set back up, and keep up with the holidays, but I’m back, so I’m going to try to play catch up when I can!

blog image 2

You know how every once in a while you find something kind of adorable on the marketplace? Well, these daisy hair accessories are probably my new favorite thing. I apologize in advance if you see them a lot, but I liked the color with the Peace dress and had to give them their own little plug…

Sorry. I keep detouring a bit. But anyway, if someone could send some snow our way–just a little bit, mind you–I’d be grateful, because this is the first time in months I haven’t been in a hotel or a hospital, and I’d really like to enjoy a bit of snow.

I never thought I’d say that…

blog image 1

The room I’m in is actually a Peace on Earth hunt gift as well, from Dench Designs. Unfortunately, my photography here leaves much to be desired about this awesome room. (Yes… it’s literally it’s own little Christmas scene, complete with furniture, tree, fireplace, walls…)

Since I didn’t do it any justice this time around, I’ll be posting another blog post soon (probably tomorrow) giving you all of the fabulous details about it and some of the other amazing things available during SL’s 8th annual Peace on Earth hunt.

To those of you hunting and those of you who haven’t started yet, don’t worry! The hunt doesn’t come to a close until just after the new year. To those of you who, like me, are dreaming of a white Christmas this year, or at least some more tolerable weather…

Gimme a call. Maybe we can all do a rain (snow) dance or something.

In the meantime, if you want the nitty gritty from today’s post:

Shape – Mine
Skin – ^^Swallow^^ “Sabry” (Peach)
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Female Hands (R-Elegant, L-Bag)
Eyes – IKON “Sunrise” Eyes (Azure Light)
Cheeks – Madrid Solo “Period Designs – Hustle” (Blush, Moles, Freckles)
Lips – .:JUMO:. Designs “Prestige Lips” (Burgundy)
Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ “Sherilyn” (Browns Pack)
Hair Accessory – }{:TainaFashion:}{ Daisy (Red)
Gown – {POSH PIXELS} “Peace Gown” – Peace on Earth 8 Hunt Gift
Scene – Dench Designs – Peace on Earth 8 Hunt Gift (more details/pics soon)
Poses – *PosESioN*


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