If Only Wishes Could Be Dreams…

So, I hate this new WordPress format. So much hate.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I have some pretty exciting news.

I already mentioned that I’m one of the newest members of Models Giving Back. Which I still can’t get over. I do a lot of charity work in my real life, so being involved with an agency with such a strong philanthropic base is just absolutely stellar. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Which brings me to my news. I will be blogging for the Peace on Earth hunt this year. It’s starting soon, so please stay tuned as I explore some of the awesome freebies from over 75 vendors across the grid. This hunt is in the spirit of giving, and it’s perfect for people from all walks of life, families, couples… I’m pretty sure there’s something for everyone. Here’s the thing, though. I am doubly excited not only because this is my first year blogging the hunt, but because this year, I’ll be participating in the hunt in more than one capacity.

Novaleigh… Blogger. Hunter. Designer.

Yep. That’s right, folks. I’ve officially lost my little mind. My little store, which hasn’t even officially OPENED yet, will be in the hunt this year.

I’ve been hoping to open my own little place for quite a while now, but life always seemed to get in the way, especially lately. A few weeks ago, I was upset that something else I’d been planning had been kinda snatched out from under me. When someone I used to call a friend shrugged it off and basically said, “Well, there are no original ideas in SL anymore, blah blah, no one ever knows when or if you’ll finish anything because of your health, etc, so why are you upset?”

At that point, I took a few weeks off and took a few steps back. Steps away from the people who were toxic in my life, and steps away from the things that were causing me stress. I did that, and I looked in the mirror and realized that somewhere along the way, I’d gotten a bit lost.

I’m back now, and on top of reevaluating my priorities, I’ve been working my butt off. Meet the ‘Noel’ Gown. This is what will be available to POE hunters who stop by ::Mirror Mirror:: during the hunt.

Noel Ad

Yes. That’s my store’s name. I was listening to a really old song… Well, not really old, but old. And I was thinking about how SL allows me to be whatever I want to be, and how modeling allows me to literally change my look from head-to-toe whenever I please, or whenever the challenge calls for it. SL is a place where so many things are possible. And that’s where I got the name. Love it or hate it, but it exists.

There’s several other gowns available. Right now, I’ve got a very small store, so every once in a while, I’m going to be switching gowns and nail sets out in favor of new designs, new themes, etc. The first set of gowns available in my store (with the exception of Noel) are all named after some very amazing friends I’ve made in SL that have really had an impact on my life. These are ladies who I love deeply. I even based the color schemes off of some of their favorite colors. I love you ladies. Y’all know who you are.

But.. I’m going to shut up now. I may be changing the formatting of how I do these blogs. Not today. Too tired. But want to make everything look pretty and uniform. We’ll see if I can get started on that in the next couple days.

Wish me luck?


Shape – Mine
Skin – ^^Swallow^^ Sabry (Peach)
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands (Elegant)
Eyes – IKON Sunrise Eyes (Azure Light)
Lashes – *MonCheri* Falsies Lashes
Face – Madrid Solo Period Designs (“Hustle” – Blush, Moles, Freckles)
Lips – Zibska Lurine Lips (01)
Hair – ::Exile:: Miu (Marone)
Gown – ::Mirror Mirror:: Noel Gown (POE Hunt Gift – details soon!)
Pose – *PosESioN* (Amour 10)

Blogging Tune. Because today I had one.


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