One of Those Days…

Nova MM 3

The last couple days… Hell, the last couple weeks, have been pretty stressful around here. Part of the reason I blog, apart from the fact that I enjoy pretty things from many of the lovely designers of Second Life, is to de-stress. I like to write, and writing helps to do that, which usually means when I’m away for a while, I’m itching just as much to be back as those of you who actually read this blog are (I hope).

In any case, the last couple days in particular have hit hard, and I overdid it a bit on my leg and have been dealing with that lovely and indiscriminate monster called depression. I know that many people struggle with this, and we all have our coping mechanisms, and I guess I’m going to talk about mine here, because I feel like it’s relevant.

See, it used to be dancing in SL, which happens to be something I can’t do in real life. But then I got angry and expressed my frustration on my own Facebook wall and was harassed by several people who read my words, didn’t even bother to get the entire story, and assumed things based on facts not in evidence… in essence blowing the problem up and making it worse than it was. I decided after that to step out of the spotlight for a while and focus on other things.

As many of you know, I’m relatively new-ish to the fashion world. I dipped my toes in a couple years ago, got scared off, and came back recently to dive in head first and see what happened. For a while, I’ve even been planning to release my own line. I had it completed and was actually ready to open my store, but then the depression hit a couple days ago, and I looked at it, scrapped it all, and started from scratch because I needed something more with it.

Nova MM 2

I ended up going with a completely different color palette. Something brighter, with lots of flowers and patterns and things that make me happy because I need a pick me up right now and I could care less if no one buys anything I put into my store. I figure if I don’t like it, if it doesn’t speak to me, then what the hell is the point of trying to market it to other people? There isn’t one, is there?

You know what, though? It was a really therapeutic thing. Sometimes, when the world seems dead set on throwing a bunch of lemons at you, the best thing you can do is take those lemons and make the best damn lemonade you’ve ever made. Think of it as a big ‘up yours’ to everything that’s ever brought you down. Doesn’t that make you smile even just a little bit?

You know what won’t make you smile, though? The dress has not been released yet. Credits for other aspects of this styling will be posted later, after I’ve had more sleep, because dear gods do I need more sleep. Links to every store for other items used in this post (aside from my dress) can be found in the previous post in the meantime. Everything is the same, with the exception of my jewelry, which happens to come from the same place as the pieces used in my last post.

I promise I’m not this lazy all the time. Here, have another picture because I love you:

Nova MM 1

Annnnnd now Nova is going back to bed.

Please continue to keep an eye on this blog for further updates about awesome releases available to you at the Boho Couture Fair. I’ll be posting another blog this week with another release preview!


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