I Just Couldn’t Help Myself…



Okay, so usually I don’t blog two outfits in one post, but last night when I paired all that wonderful stuff from Ghee with those awesome jeans from Delirium Style, I realized that I hadn’t really shown Delirium any love lately. And then at that point, I simply couldn’t help myself, because, like most of my favorite designers, Delirium Style has a stall at the Boho Couture Fair this year. I couldn’t really decide what to blog in this case, so I decided to have a bit of fun and go for two. Because why not?

Welcome to my blog. I told you it gets a little crazy around here sometimes.

What some of you may not know is that I’m working on getting my own store up and running. Now, I may not be new to the grid, but this is definitely a new journey for me. And honestly? The more I see some of the wonderful things that other designers have come out with, the more I toil away with trying to get my own line ready to release, the more respect I have for the content creators of Second Life. Take a look through my blog. It’s full of some of so many wonderful things… And it barely scratches the surface of the fashion world in SL alone.

I have to say that this really has been an amazing adventure. Some months ago, after a ridiculously long hiatus from the modeling and fashion world in SL, I decided to start this blog and kind of just jump in and see where the path led me. Months later, I think I can still safely say that I am completely clueless and still learning. But you know what? That’s okay. I hope I’m always continuing to learn and grow and better myself and discover my inner me and all that jazz that we’re told to do. Because all of those things, I think, will help me well beyond modeling and fashion in SL.



I’m not sure how much you can see in these pictures, but I wanted to try and catch the details here without doing some kind of mega-zoom action. The fringe tank AND the bag in the above pictures is hud controlled. In fact, there are so many options with the bag in particular that I had ~problems trying to decide which to use when I was taking these pictures. The tank is hud controlled too, with quite a few pattern options, and the ability to change the bead color as well. Love love LOVE when things are able to be customized, even if just to a point.

The Boho Couture Fair is going on in SL for a few weeks, and there are so many designers participating that I’d be hard-pressed to list them all or try and blog them all, even if I did a blog a day until the fair closed. The best thing I can say is check it out. If you’re just looking at my blog because you love me, that’s cool, too. But if you’re here because you’re a fashionista in the making, curious about the fashion world in general, or just looking for someplace to catch some awesome deals on some fabulous new threads, then by all means, keep reading–and check out some of these fairs and things you see myself and other bloggers talking about. It’s totally worth it.

Now, I know you’re curious, so…

Shape – mine
Skin – ^^Swallow^^ Joia (Peach 01)
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands (Elegant)
Hair – ::Exile:: Nina (Marone)
Eyes – IKON Sunrise Eyes (Azure)
Lashes – *MonCheri* Falsies Lashes
Face – Madrid Solo Period Designs “Hustle” (Blush, Moles, Freckles)
Eye Makeup – FacePaint Siren 1
Lips – Zibska Lurine Lips (05)
Jewelry – .:RealEvil Industries:. LUX Celeste Set w/ HUD (Gift)
Skirt – Delirium Style Blue Denim Mini Skirt (may be gone–was a discounted item a few months ago)
Dress – Delirium Style Daisy Dress (3) – BOHO COUTURE FAIR EXCLUSIVE
Tank – Delirium Style Boho Fringe Tank w/ HUD – BOHO COUTURE FAIR EXCLUSIVE
Bag – Delirium Style Bucket Bag w/ HUD – BOHO COUTURE FAIR EXCLUSIVE


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