It’s Not Too Late…

Nova boho mix n match_008

So guys, I posted an oops on my last blog. Boho Couture doesn’t open until tomorrow. They’re working on some set up stuff on the final day. I will post links to participating stores at the fair once it officially opens. Now that that’s settled,..

I just had to have a bit of fun today. I was looking at some of the wonderful things from the upcoming fair as well as from Ghee’s Fall 2015 collection, and I wanted to do this post because I wanted to show off a few things I really enjoyed. Also because I haven’t been posting very regularly and I feel bad for failing at life. Also… tattoos! I am usually so picky about tattoos in Second Life. I don’t usually wear them at all because I just don’t like the way that some of them are done, but I’ve found a new favorite tattoo designer on grid. Thank you, Boho Couture Fair.

But in all seriousness, I do feel bad. I know we all say that our real lives come first, and my real life has been a hilarious and depressing roller-coaster of insanity that would probably make a really good movie, BUT I still hate committing to something and then having the rug pulled out from under me. Whether my fault or not, it still leaves me in a position where I feel as though I’ve let the people depending on me down. It sucks. However, I’m going to try, even though I can’t be around as much as I’d like, to keep things going. I said goodbye to a few things and quite a few people who were just toxic to me in general. I think that will help.

Nova boho mix n match_010

I also just plain decided to let go of things, stop trying to fix people and prove myself to people who don’t deserve it, and just be me. So I guess I’m acting on my New Year’s Resolution early. And it only took me 28 years! Maybe I shouldn’t announce that, though. That’s kind of sad. And a little pathetic.

Nova boho mix n match_002

Okay, so I have a few more pictures in this post than I usually do. I just really enjoy these tattoo sets. The tattoos are from Endless Pain Tattoos, and they’ll be available at the Boho Couture Fair. This particular vendor has a few items available that I’ve managed to get a peek at, but I wanted to share this one in particular because I think it might be my favorite of the ones I’ve seen. I amped up the smexiness factor for this post just so y’all could see the fabulous design in the center there. A similar motif continues up both arms and down part of the back, and I am pretty sure that I am in love with it.

I also discovered another vendor. I don’t want to say I’ve never heard of no.match, but… I’ve never heard of no.match. The hair in my pictures is called ‘NO LIMIT’, and it’s one of theirs, also available at Boho Couture this year. There are some lovely color options and natural highlights which I think are lovely. This particular hair also came with a crown of flowers for on top the head which was really pretty. I didn’t wear it for these pictures, but I’ll have to get a snap soon.

I didn’t really want to feature any particular designer in this post because there was just so much awesomeness to go around, so I sort of threw it all together and hoped for the best. I do want to bring your attention to something for a moment, though, that probably can’t be seen too well in the other photos:

Nova boho mix n match_007

Come to think of it, I don’t know how well you can see it in this photo, either, but I was wearing one of the Slink nail colors from the Ghee Fall 2015 line. If you attended their Solaris show, you probably got a peek. The line is available in the store now, and the colors are pretty rad, even if my photo-taking skills are not. And because I simply couldn’t help myself, I took a photo of myself in the pose that your avatar goes into when you attach the boxed Slink appliers. Because, why not?

Nova boho mix n match_001

Curious about the details?

Shape – Mine
Skin – ^^Swallow^^ Joia (Peach)
Tattoos – Endless Pain Tattoos (Sharukh) — BOHO COUTURE EXCLUSIVE
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Female Hands (Elegant)
Nails – Ghee Fall ’15 Slink Nail Appliers (Orchid)
Eyes – IKON Sunrise Eyes (Azure)
Lashes – *Mon Cheri* Falsies Mesh Lashes
Eye Makeup – FacePaint Siren (1)
Face – Madrid Solo Period Designs (Hustle – Blush, Moles, and Freckles)
Lips – Zibska Lurine Lips (05)
Earrings – Chop Zuey Yellow Topaz 3D (Regal Academy Sim Gift)
Bracelets – [Mandala] Okaki Bracelets
Necklace – {mon tissu} Oui Necklace (silver)
Shirt – {dollle*} 080 unbuttoned loose shirt (white)
Jeans – EVALE Mesh Relaxed Jeans (from Evale Look 07)
Poses – From Glitterati’s “Jewelled” Set, and *PosESion*


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