A Little Bit of Relaxation…

The last couple days has been absolutely horrible for me internet-wise. The internet here has been awful. It’s been going out literally every couple of minutes until this evening, so I apologize to everyone–I’m around, I promise! I’m just waging and epic battle of wills against an inanimate object.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Anyway, in light of this, the other day, I had a bit of fun. I gave myself a little bit of a Second Life makeover, made some changes, and found a beautiful beach house to hang out in for the day. I’ve been wanting to share some of the pictures I took since the other day, but I’ve been losing the battle with the internet. Until today. Today, I was victorious!

nova relaxing 1

Mmm, relaxation! If only we head a good beach in central Indiana…

While the internet was cooperating, I actually really enjoyed working on a new shape and changing out some details. I’ve retired the red hair for a while and I’m really loving the new look. I also got a shift in at ~Ghee~, and just plain had fun going through my inventory. I had some stuff in there that I had completely forgotten about… Which occasionally happens when you have 60k items floating around. I sat here in the real world with my stupid busted leg propped up on a pillow and a Law & Order: SVU marathon playing on TV, and I explored Paris and Rome and Baja, California, and I went to a show, and I found a motorcycle in my inventory that I’d forgotten about.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of myself on my motorcycle this time, but I think that it’s pretty awesome.

nova relaxing2

There was even a TV in the cabin! It was so cute!

The last couple weeks since the surgery have been sort of hectic and full of confusion and pain… and irritation at crappy hotel internet. This weekend has been nice, and now that things have started at least pretending to work again, I’m looking forward to diving back in. This weekend, you can find me at ~Ghee~. I’ll also be competing in a dance competition on Gor (get the gasps out now–I’ve talked about this before. I think Gor has a bit of a bad rep, mostly from people who either misunderstand it or haven’t taken the time to get to know anyone involved in the community).

Anyway, it’s going to be interesting. The point is to completely rework a dance that didn’t do well the first time it was done–and I’ll be dancing to contemporary music with lyrics… Which may or may not get me chased out of the competition by men with flaming pitchforks.

I guess we’ll see, huh?

Sunday night, come see me at Winds of the Sahara Cabaret.

We’ll find out Sunday when our new house (in real life) will be ready, too. So… moral of the story? When life gives you lemons, (as it seems to like to do to me quite often lately) keep on truckin’, focus on the positive, kick butt and take names. Eventually, things will work out. Things will get better! They always do!

nova relaxing 3

Want the details?

Shape – Mine
Skin – ^^Swallow^^ Joia Peach (01)
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Female Hands (Elegant)
Hair – ::Exile:: Hearts Don’t Break Even (Marone)
Eyes – IKON Sunrise Eyes (Azure)
Eyeshadow – Zibska Anouska (08)
Cheeks – Madrid Solo Period Designs “Hustle” (Blush, Moles, and Freckles Only)
Lips – Zibska Lurine Lips (05)
Necklace – {mon tissu} Oui Necklace (Silver)
Bracelet – [MANDALA] Okaki Bracelet (Brown)
Top – Shabby Cat Cropped Sweater w/ Tank (Green)
Jeans – Delirium Style Cuffed Jeans (Grey)


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