Rock Your Rack Preview – Don’t I Look Pretty in Pink?

Hello Kitten After Party and My Lil Trophy Clutch

I have another Rock Your Rack preview for y’all today, and it’s PINK! Look at it! This is the “After Party” dress from Hidden Kitten. I’m going to be honest–prior to my involvement with Rock Your Rack this year, I’d never heard of this store. That’s one of the things that I truly love about blogging for fashion events in Second Life–no matter what your cup of tea, so to speak, you’re bound to find something new and exciting that you absolutely love, and I have to say I’ve found a hidden gem in Hidden Kitten.

Did you like my play on words there? Aren’t I clever?

So anyway, this morning I was suffering from fashion withdrawal, and when I woke up, I was excited to see that I had received a message from the wonderful Eleya Kenin with a blogger pack from Hidden Kitten. One of the best parts about receiving these preview items is actually opening them up–it’s a little bit like Christmas coming early, especially for those of us in Second Life who like to spend our lindens on fun and adorable new things.

I was absolutely delighted with this dress. The design is simple, but it’s pretty and it makes a statement. It’s also HUD controlled, with two color options for each “half” of the dress (I chose the lighter pink on the top and the darker on the bottom–you can make the dress one uniform color, but I wanted to showcase both of the color options in this post).

This is my first year being involved in Rock Your Rack as anything more than an excited event-goer. Ironically, I feel as though this event holds a more special place in my heart this time around, which makes me even more honored to have been chosen as a blogger for this event. Earlier this year, I found a lump, and I got scared. I have a BRCA1 gene mutation, and what that means is that in my lifetime, my risk of developing breast cancer is greatly increased. My risk is further increased because several members of my family have actually fought breast cancer. Everything came back fine, and the lump was nothing more than a weird fatty deposit, but I’ll be keeping a closer eye on things from now on, and I’ve even convinced my mother to do the same.

Hello Kitten After Party and My Lil Trophy Clutch 2

The clutch here is not a coincidence. It’s the My Lil Trophy clutch, a RYR 2015 Hunt item available at Hidden Kitten, and it’s available in several lovely colors. The pink goes really well with the After Party dress, so I chose it.

Anyway, this year, when I heard that I had been chosen to blog for RYR, I was super excited. This year’s RYR is the third one, and it’s a fundraising event for the National Breast Cancer Foundation sponsored by Models Giving Back–a group I’ve heard lovely stories about and admired since I dove into the modeling world. Being involved in this event in any capacity is absolutely fabulous to me, and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to see some of the wonderful exclusive items available at this year’s event.

I just wanted to say that. I know I’ve shared a few previews this week, but I can’t remember if I mentioned WHY an event like this is something that you should check out. It’s not just the fabulous fashions and other awesome items to enhance your Second Life. It’s a chance to pimp the pink, save the tatas, and really be a part of something wonderful.

Hello Kitten After Party and My Lil Trophy Clutch 4

Because everyone needs a back view, right?

This year’s RYR event starts on September 26th–that’s NINE (9) days away. I’ll be doing my best to bring you sneak peeks and updates as the event draws nearer and progresses. If you want to check it out but you don’t have a lot of free time, don’t dret! You have until October 11th to check everything out!

In the meantime, if you want the details on the fabulousness pictured above, check it out:

Shape – Mine
Skin – ^^Swallow^^ Joia (Peach 01)
Hair – ::Exile:: Hearts Don’t Break Even (Marone)
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands (Elegant)
Eyes – IKON Sunrise Eyes (Azure)
Eyeshadow – Zibska Anouska (08)
Cheeks – Madrid Solo Period Designs “Hustle” (Blush, Moles, and Freckles Only)
Lips – Zibska Lurine Lips (05)
Necklace – F I N E S M I T H Heartless Necklace (pink) ***Group Member Gift***
Dress – Hidden Kitten “After Party” *****Rock Your Rack exclusive–available 9.26-10.11*****
Clutch – Hidden Kitten “My Lil Trophy” (Pink) *****Rock Your Rack in-store Hunt Item*****
Poses – *PosESioN*


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