A Rock Your Rack Preview… And a Tiiiiiiny Bit of Nostalgia!

I’m back, everyone! Oh my goodness I am so sorry for disappearing for a few weeks. No, really. I am. Y’all should see my Facebook page. I’ve not really gone back through to look, but I’m pretty sure it’s littered with mindless jammering and random silliness brought about by mass quantities of pain meds and high levels of pain.

Anyway… I’m back, and since we’ve managed to find ourselves in the month of September since I went away, I am pretty excited. There are a lot of things to be excited about in September, of course. There’s the coming of Fall, the onslaught of pumpkin spice everything (yummy!), and of course, in Second Life, there’s tons of awesome events to look forward to, like Rock Your Rack, which starts on September 26th. That’s twelve (12) days from now… And I’ve got a super cute preview for you guys… an adorable dress that will be available exclusively at this years RYR event!

prism wren dress_004

This is the Wren Dress, exclusively available at RYR this year, and brought to you by the fabulous designers behind Prism Designs. This is a knit dress with a bit of a peek-a-boo design around the mid-drift and some super awesome vintage flower detailing in the fabric. I had a small giggle fit when I received it, and then immediately put it on, danced around (quite literally, y’all–I am first and foremost a dancer, after all!), and played with the color hud that the dress came with. I absolutely love love love it!

I chose this particular color scheme for my pictures because let’s be honest–I have had a serious ~thing for black and white the last couple months. However, the hud actually allows you to pick from four (4) total color combinations, all of which are super fun and flattering on just about any skin tone. I also had a bit of a smile on my face at the name chosen for this particular outfit. For about three years, I was known as ‘Wren’ by most of those that know me on-grid. That was a while ago, though. Things have changed and I am (thankfully) in a much better place in my life (both real and second), but the name made me smile for a moment, and the dress itself is right up my alley. I love playful designs and the opportunity to show a little skin, and the Wren Dress by Prism Designs allows me to do that.

prism wren dress_003

Love it. I look adorable, right? Right.

Confidence. It’s awesome!

*Ahem* Anyway…. Since this dress is an exclusive for Rock Your Rack this year, that means you won’t be able to find it at Prism Designs’ in-world store. RYR starts on the 26th of September. Please watch my blog for updated links, more fabulous previews for this amazing event, and of course, more of the randomness and chaos that I hope you have grown to know and love.

Want the details?

Shape – {AIMI} Skin Luna Shape 3.0
Skin – {AIMI} Skin HD Luna Mint (Lipstick 8)
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Female Hands (Elegant)
Nails – Nailed It! Raw Nostalgia Set (Rosy Brown)
Eyes – IKON Sunrise Eyes (Azure)
Makeup – Madrid Solo Period Designs “Hustle” (Blush, Moles, and Freckles)
Bracelets – **RealEvil** Industries Black Pearls Set
Dress – Prism Designs‘ Wren Dress *****Rock Your Rack EXCLUSIVE (Available 9.26)
Poses – *PosESioN* Poses (Paris 2 and Destruction 8)


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