Oh Ghee!

So, instead of the usual couple of pictures of a pretty outfit, I wanted to share this video. It’s not the most amazing quality because my laptop hates me and SL likes to stage the occasional revolt, but this is a celebratory post. I have had a lot going on recently in both the dreaded real life and in Second Life. Some of these things have caused me to be a little…gun shy when it comes to new opportunities. So when I heard that Ghee, one of my favorite mesh fashion stores on the grid, was looking for models to do in-store work, I grabbed the application, I turned in my head shot, and then I spent a considerable amount of time trying to decide whether I thought I was good enough to work for someplace like Ghee.

And then I made it through to the live audition. There were several things going on that day, many of which I pushed to the back-burner for the opportunity to get to know some of the other wonderful ladies that were auditioning, and some of the wonderful ladies behind the amazing things at Ghee.

And now I can officially tell you that they are, in fact, awesome.

And I can also officially tell you that I am one of a handful of absolutely fabulous ladies chosen to be the first Ghee store models. Can I get an Amen? Learning that I had been chosen was a huge confidence booster for me after the last couple weeks. It also made my week. My month even. Because let’s be honest here–the only thing I really have to look forward to besides the work I do in SL right now is a nice long appointment which I’m sure will be full of tons of needles and a man in a white coat telling me that I have gained too much weight next week, and surgery on the first. Lots of suck in the future, and then there was this.

I am still excited.

And of course, in light of that awesomeness, I felt the need to blog. I’m a writer in real life, and when I’m feeling any particular combination of strong emotions, writing is what I default to. I have also stated multiple times in this blog that despite my journey into modeling, I am first and foremost a dancer.

Ghee’s Daisy Chain Summer hunt will be coming to a close soon, so I had to do something fabulous with some of the items that are available in the hunt. I think there’s 33 items available in total, all hidden throughout the store and the park. I took four of those items, slapped them on, and decided I was going to do something else that I like to do when I’m happy–BOOGIE.

The song I used here is a song by Natasha Bedingfield called “Wild Horses,” which was a bonus track hidden at the end of Natasha’s last track on her first album…which I purchased when I was very young into my teen years. That said, it’s been one of my favorites ever since, and I wanted to share this. I’m wearing the white capris from the Daisy Chain hunt, the patterned tank crop, the Keds (gods, I love the Keds), and although difficult to see in the video, I also used the Daisy Chain Summer Hunt’s Slink nail applier set–everything from the hunt can match everything else. It’s lots of fun to mix-and-match, but I kept it simple for this. If you’re interested in items from the hunt, they won’t be around much longer, so you should totally stop by the store, say “Hi!” to some of the new store models, and see how many daisies you can find…

Information about the hunt can be found at Ghee.


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