What’s Underneath the Moon and Stars?

Not me. You can’t see the stars at night from where I live. But you know, I was thinking last night, which is a thing I do sometimes. And I was thinking about the Miss Virtual World audition coming up and about everything else coming up. I am about to have major surgery in real life. So, they’re going to take bone from my knee, fuse three of the joints in my foot together with some screws, and then they’re going to slice my achilles tendon in half and stretch it out like a rubber band so that hopefully my leg will pretend like it knows how to work.

Some of you may be thinking: “Oh gosh Nova! But you will be gone forever and ever!”

Nova Audition 3

No, lovely ladies and gentlemen, I will be in surgery for about 5-6 hours, stay overnight at the hospital, and come home with a cast from my toes to my hip and some really nice pain meds to help the process. Until I get used to those, there might be a few days in that first week that may be a little dicey, but I’ll definitely still be around. Know why? Because I won’t be allowed to move or bear weight on that leg for about four months. So yeah. I’ll definitely be around, and probably more than I usually am. I’m excited about the surgery, but terrified at the same time. But then I look at my little Second Life avatar and I think silly things like “Maybe after this surgery I’ll be able to wear flip-flops!” or “Hey, maybe once everything heals I can wear shorts with confidence!” or “Maybe even one day I’ll be able to wear a cute little pair of heels like other twenty-somethings.”

I use Nova to vent a lot of my fashion-related frustrations from the real world. Ooooh, y’all should see some of the cutesy little dresses and skirts and fantastic gravity-defying heels I’ve got packed away in my inventory. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I’m a bit of a shopaholic in Second Life,and I’m pretty proud of that. A girl’s gotta look good, right?

Anyway… I was thinking last night about the MVW audition and the upcoming surgery and everything… and I realized something. I’m excited. About both of them. So excited. And terrified. But I think if I wasn’t terrified on some level of either of these things there would be no reward factor to doing either of them. So… I’m going for it. That said, I also said I wasn’t going to reveal my styling for the first audition at MVW… But since that’s done and over with and I’m doing something a bit different with the styling challenge for the second audition, I figured I’d go ahead and share.

Nova Audition 4

I have a ~thing for black and white lately. And stripes. I love stripes.

Anyway, as y’all know, the first round of auditions didn’t go too well for me, just like my first dozen or so surgeries haven’t gone too well. But you know what? In many things in life, you get second chances, and as I was mulling over my life and trying to figure out how I managed to fall up the stairs last night, I drew a parallel between these two things. Don’t ask me how. My brain works in mysterious ways. It’s pretty hard to explain.

The long and short of it, though?

While previous surgeries have been unsuccessful at “fixing” any of my palsy issues, the doctor claims that this particular surgery (which is actually three surgeries in one) should alleviate about 85% of my daily pain, and the heel cord lengthening may actually straighten my leg out. What this means is that if all goes well, I will be able to walk like a somewhat normal person most days, or do things like wear flip-flops. Small victory, yeah? Worth being optimistic over, yeah? I thought so, too.

When it comes to Miss Virtual World, I didn’t make it through in the first audition. I may not make it through THIS time either. But I’ll be there. And I’ll do my best. And if I don’t make it? Well, there’s always next year, right? That’s worth being optimistic over, too, dontcha think?

Nova Audition 1

Like I said… Sometimes it’s best not to try and figure out how my brain works, but I certainly hope that made sense to some of you out there!

Curious about my awesome threads for my MVW audition? I decided I didn’t want to wait to share, but I’ll still be doing a side-by-side after the second audition on the 15th.

Shape : Mine
Skin : ^^Swallow^^ Joia (peach 01)
Hands/Feet : Slink AvEnhance Hands (Elegant) and AvEnhance Feet (High)
Eyes : IKON Sunrise Eyes (Azure)
Lashes : *Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes w/ HUD (Pack 1)
Make-up : Madrid Solo Period Designs (Blush, Moles, Freckles, and Eye Make-up)
Madrid Solo Lip Designs “The Nudes II” (Sheer #4)
Hair : [enVOGUE] – Marilyn
Hair Flower : **Angelwing** Pink Patchy camisk hair flowers
Earrings : FINESMITH Shameless Black Earrings
Bracelet : [MANDALA] Pearl Rain 2 Bracelet in Peach
Ring : Maxi Gossamer Shanghai Daisy Flower Ring
Top : BlackRose Fashion “Halter Belted Top Stripes”
Skirt : Birgit Mai‘s *MESH* Long-Short Skirt Black (marketplace item–link leads to fashion mall with Birgit’s stall)
Shoes : Slink Gabrielle Heels (Black)
Poses : all poses used in these photos can be found at *PosESioN*


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