So, I Auditioned for Miss Virtual World…

As some of you know, when I started this blog, I really was sort of just jumping in to the wonderful world of fashion in Second Life. I’m definitely still learning, and I feel like I will continue to learn and grow with the more experiences I have. Part of getting involved in the fashion world means putting yourself out there. Being you and being proud of whoever that is and being brave enough to finally show all of that to the world. I’m getting there. I even decided to send in my headshot for consideration for the upcoming Miss Virtual World pageant.

The good news is that I made it into the live audition round. I was honored to get that news, especially considering that I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing and how to do it. That said, I went to the live audition. And let me just say this. First off, everyone looked absolutely amazing. I mean amazing. I was really nervous, but everyone was so friendly and just ready to go. I even made a new friend or two!

The bad news is, I wasn’t chosen for the contestant pool for this live audition.

The possibly surprising news is that I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be chosen. Let me explain why:

Part of getting involved in the fashion world means putting yourself out there. Being you and being proud of whoever that is and being brave enough to finally show all of that to the world.

That. ^ I styled my outfit. I picked my poses. Then I threw all of that into the trash and styled another outfit. And picked more poses. This outfit was definitely more ‘safe’ than the first one. I thought it was pretty. I liked the colors. I looooved the stripes. I LOVE stripes and bright colors. But other than that? I didn’t really feel like me. I presented an outfit that I thought was pretty, but it didn’t really wow me. And I imagine that’s why it didn’t really wow the judges. After some reflection and a few conversations, it became obvious to me that people who knew me, and people who didn’t know me, were able to pick up on the fact that I didn’t quite feel comfortable. Obviously I didn’t score well. But you know what? That’s okay. And do you know why?

Because I learned something. Because I met new people. Because I still went out there and actually did it. I DID it, even if I didn’t make it through on the first live walk. I learned that when you hold back, when you play it safe and you aren’t yourself and you’re not comfortable, other people can tell. And I learned that sometimes, even if something feels safe, it’s better to be yourself and push the boundaries a little bit, and really let yourself have fun.

I’ll be walking again at the next live audition in August, and I’ll post some side-by-sides of my live audition outfits after the second walk, too. I’m excited! And you know what? I hope I make it. I think that everyone who starts modeling in Second Life eventually wants to have something like Miss Virtual World under their belt at some point. I was honored to even hear that my head shot had made it through. I’d be honored to compete. But if I don’t make it, that’s fine too. Because I have met such wonderful people and learned such valuable things already. And if I don’t make it, I’ll still be there to cheer the competitors on from the audience as they make their way on this journey, because they are all beautiful people, at different points in their own journeys here in the Second Life modeling world, and many of them have been with me to cheer me on during my own journey.

Congratulations to the wonderful ladies who will be competing this year (so far!). I’ll update again in August. What is it they say? If at first you don’t succeed…



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