Glitz and Glamour at Fashiontropic!

So today, I went wandering around the fabulous Fashiontropic sim. I’ve stopped by a few times just to stare longingly at a few different things. It’s super cute, and the beach theme always puts me in a summer mood, even when I look outside my window and can plainly see that things around here aren’t exactly summery all the time. So I was making my way around the boardwalk and something really caught my eye, and I decided, in true shopaholic fashion, that I had to have it for my very own. So that I could love it and cuddle it and wear it every time I felt the need to amp up the glamour in my second life a little bit.

I’m going to be honest. Prior to this event, I hadn’t really thought to shop at this particular vendor in Second Life. Most of the time, I’m a creature of habit and tend to stick to a few different places that I know and love. But I promised myself that this year, I would travel a bit outside of my comfortable little box,dive in, and try a few wonderful new things.

And in doing so, I think I may have found something else to love.

Lybra Nyala Striped 1

See what I mean? What a way to make an entrance!

This is the “striped” version of Lybra’s Nyala gown, which you can find at iNOVARE’s Fashiontropic event… Assuming you stop by to check it out before the 30th, that is. I absolutely fell in love with the colors and the pattern here. For some reason, I have a ~thing for black and white lately, and the little pop of color in the detail and the flower attachment was just the sort of thing that really threw this over the top for me. I fell in love with it, and then oops! It was in my inventory, and here I am.

I think another really striking feature of this gown is the train. This is not a full mesh gown. The train and the flare in the skirt are flexi-prims, and it moves so nicely. Plus, talk about making a statement when you walk into a room. I fell in love with this gown when I saw it at Lybra’s stall. I might have been drooling a bit when I put it on. As much as I love mesh, it’s a little disheartening sometimes to find yourself wearing an absolutely stunning mesh dress and then take it out dancing and realize that it doesn’t quite swish with the rest of your body. Or maybe that’s just me.

I do an obscene amount of dancing in Second Life, but that’s another story entirely…

I wanted to keep these pictures as simple as possible so that the gown could really stand out. I didn’t want it to drown in any sort of back drop, so I just threw up a white prim and started snapping pictures. I think it worked, don’t you?

Lybra Nyala Striped 2

Again, I say unto you… BAM.

I also just really love that pose (Posh 2 from PosESioN–I should probably buy stock in that place at this point). I have to say I’m a little sad that Fashiontropic seems to be winding down so quickly. I feel like the whole month has just flown by!


Don’t fret, though. If you haven’t managed to stop by the event yet and check out some of the lovely summer offerings from SL’s hottest (pun totally intended) designers, you’ve still got eight days to pop in and check them out. You can find any of the fashions featured with the Fashiontropic logo on my blog at the event, and there’s still several weeks of summer left! You know you want to add a few things to your wardrobe…

Or maybe that’s just me.

But if you, like me, love to look fab during the summer months, you can check out the Nyala gown from Lybra and other fabulous fashions from designers like Meva, Ghee, Asteria Creations, and many more at Fashiontropic until July 30th!


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