I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

kathleen dress 3

I feel pretty, and witty, and briiiiight!

No, really, though. This is Kathleen’s Ethnic Neckholder Dress, currently available at Fashiontropic, which only has ten days left. *goes to sob in the corner* This is one of the first dresses that caught my eye when I was informed that I got to blog for this wonderful summery event. I just really liked it from the get-go, but I filed it away for a day like today when I really needed to look at something and smile. This dress has such a simple design, but it’s nicely done, hugs the curves really well… and let’s face it. It’s summer, and I don’t know about you, but I like to show a little bit of extra skin. This dress comes in some really fabulous colors. I chose the brown one for this blog because I like it.

And at the end of the day, this dress really does make me feel ~pretty. I was thinking about it, and one of the things that many of us dread with the coming of summer, especially the females out there, is something like: “Oh god it’s getting hot outside and my body isn’t bikini ready/bathing suit ready.” or “Oh my god I’m so pale I’m going to look like a cherry if I go out!” or “It’s shorts season again? But, but but… I don’t look good in shorts!”

Thank you, Second Life, for solving all of these problems.

kathleen dress 1

See? Don’t I just look pretty?

Okay, so Fashiontropic is full of fun summertime accessories for both you and your home. This dress is just one of many things available there, and I love it. The neck-holder is a really bright gold, the tribal pattern around the bottom of the skirt is fun, and the dress comes in some really eye-catching colors. I think I’ve been holding off on writing about this one in part because it was one of my favorites, and in part because I just didn’t really know what to say about it apart from the fact that I’m glad I’ve got it in multiple colors. I’m sure I’d still be breaking some sort of weird fashion rule wearing the same thing more than once, but hey, if I’ve got it in different colors….

kathleen dress 2

Tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing?

If you want to check out the Ethnic Neckholder Dress from Kathleen’s, you can find it at Fashiontropic until the event closes on the 30th, along with several other wonderful pieces from fabulous brands like Hilly Haalan, Lazuri, Ghee, Dead Dollz, Asteria, Meva… There’s so much to see, and you’ve only got ten days left to see it all!


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