I’m (Not) On a Boat….

… But I sure wish I was. Actually, I stopped by the Nantucket Yacht Club and stood on the docks looking fabulous while several people enjoyed the water. Unfortunately, no boating for me, as I don’t have a boat (yet), but after stopping by this sim today, I may have to see about uhm… joining the club, so to speak.

flamingo purple 1

I have made it my quest ever since I started blogging for this event to try and find some really fun summery sims to have a blast on. This one was absolutely beautiful, and I like to think I have excellent timing. I snapped this picture as someone was sailing by. I had to wear the purple today because when I stopped by the yacht club today, it seemed that I had popped myself right into the middle of an event for Relay for Life. Since I didn’t have a boat, I changed into Du Jour’s Flamingo Dress in purple and threw all my money at the nearest Relay kiosk, because cancer sucks and we should be doing everything we possibly can to help. Thanks to .Figure. and their ‘Summer Nails’ set, even my fingernails and tonails were purple.

But that’s another blog post, isn’t it?

Yesterday, I went walking around the Fashiontropic sim just to see all of the vendors set up and see how people were navigating things. Firstly, the sim looks absolutely amazing. I stopped by some of my favorite designers’ shops and just took a moment to look around. The Flamingo Dress from Du Jour is an item that is exclusive to the Fashiontropic event (which means if you like how fabulous I look, you should check the event out yourself and pick up one of your own! They come in several fun, summery colors and as you can see, you’ll look great!) .Figure.’s Summer Nails set are also available at Fashiontropic. So are tons of awesome items from Ghee, Meva, Soul Designs, Hilly Haalan, Astralia, Dead Dollz… There’s something there for everyone, and I’m going to do my best to category as much of the awesomeness as I can.

purple flamingo 3

See? Awesome.

I found it difficult to pick a “favorite” aspect of this dress. I really like the black detailing at the top. It’s something you’re going to see with each color Du Jour offers, and I think it really makes a statement. As you can probably also imagine from it’s name, the bottom of this dress is another wow factor.

Want to know a secret? I’m a dancer. I dance. A lot. And we love wow factor… Especially wow factor that we can dance in. The bottom of this dress fans out, and in combination with the black detailing and the eye-catching bright, summery fabrics, it’s a really fun piece to wear, whether you’re out on the dance floor, or standing on the docks somewhere, cheering on a bunch of sailors you’ve never met before simply because their cause is awesome, and therefore they are too.

purple flamingo 2

Look. Sexy. Flare. More Sexy.
(Disclaimer: Still, unfortunately, NOT on a boat.)

Happy summer, y’all.

If you’re curious, check out Du Jour‘s stall @ Fashiontropic for the Flamingo Dress and other awesome fashions, and visit .Figure. @ Fashiontropic to pick up the Summer Nails applier I used for my awesome purple palm tree nails today! Catch you all later… I’ve got some dancing to do!


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