Oh, Ghee, What a Day!

ghee tropical mix 1

Okay, so today, I have a song stuck in my head, and I can’t get it out. I would share it for all of you, but hearing it again would only make the repetitive chorus get further lodged into my brain, and I’m not entirely sure that my sanity can handle something like that… So I’ll have to tell you about that a little bit later.

Have you ever had one of those days where you want nothing more than to take a deep breath, sit back, and pretend, even if for a moment, that you don’t have a care in the world? Well, it’s been a little stressful around here lately, so that’s essentially how I’ve been feeling. I’ve discovered that when I can’t really find a good “escape” here in real life, I can sometimes just put some headphones on, blare a bit of music, and find somewhere in second life to hide away for a bit. These are the times where I end up exploring the grid, which is essentially how I found this awesome beach that has been the location star for all of my Fashiontropic preview photos thus far.

Today’s previews aren’t an exception. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit.

ghee tropical mix 3

That said, I found myself today playing with Ghee’s Tropical Mix Bikini, available at iNOVARE’s Fashiontropic event starting on July 7th. I absolutely love love LOVE this set. I love Ghee in general, but this is a fun and simple mix-and-match bikini that is prefect for a day on the beach. There are several different combinations for the top and the bottom, and because it’s HUD driven, several different options for color too. I love bright colors and fun patterns, and this definitely delivers.

I even went surfing again today. Hey, when in Rome, right?

I tried to take a few different pictures when I found this little nook and lighthouse on the beach, but I don’t even think I covered all of the options. It’s definitely worth a look-see if you find yourself at Fashiontropic… which you should, because there are going to be tons of designers there with fun new summer fashions just like this one that you absolutely have to have in your wardrobe this summer.

ghee tropical mix 4

This is the tropical pattern you can find in the HUD. You can apply it to any of the tops and bottoms, and to the wraps that are also included with this piece. Like I said, unfortunately, I don’t think I managed to get every combo covered, but I definitely wanted to show off the different colors and really have fun with the ability to mix-and-match these pieces. Before I got my hands on this set, I found myself hopelessly trolling the marketplace each time I wanted something different. With this set, I can just strap on the HUD or switch my tops and bottoms around a bit if I decide I need something new. And let me tell you, sometimes, I can be a little bit indecisive…

ghee tropical mix 2

So if you’re keeping track, I’ve metioned the headwrap and the sarong (which I don’t think I have pictures of. Bad Nova! Bad!). Above, you can see the string bikini option. There’s also a ruffled top, a bordeau top, a more classic top and bottom, and a high waist bottom. And if you’re like me and you get a little freaked out when you get grainy sand stuck between your toes, there are flip flops and wedges available that will match just about any of these combinations.

It’s clear that Ghee wants to make sure that you turn a few heads at the beach this summer. This tropical HUD driven set will be available at Fashiontropic.

ghee tropical mix 5

In four days.

Just four… more… days…

Will I see you there?

Shape – mine
Skin – Glam Affair‘s Lilith America 01
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Female Hands (Elegant)
Eyes – IKON‘s Sunrise Eyes in Azure
Makeup – Madrid Solo‘s Period Designs (Hustle) for cheeks, and The Nudes II #4 for lips
Hair – CATWA‘s Ruby
Bikini – Ghee‘s Tropical Mix Bikini ***AVAILABLE AT FASHIONTROPIC 7/7-7/30
Poses – *PosESioN* Electric 3, Alice 4, Madrid 3
Location – *Among the Wildflowers* – The Forgotten Island


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