Bringing Some Soul to the Beach!

soul designs meva 3

Guys… Guys… Guys… Seriously, I love this beach sim. The existence of a beach getaway in Second Life that is simultaneously this pretty and not crawling with creepers trying to pop into my instant messages is magical. Absolutely magical. And there’s so much to do! Today, I went surfing… in Second Life, of course. If I did so in real life I’d probably break both of my legs, and while that would make my surgeon’s job easier this month, it would probably be both painful and messy… a combination I’m not too fond of. Anyway… Where was I? Oh yes. So I’m at the beach again because once again Indiana has beachy temperatures but no beach. So here I am. Normal people would probably wear a bathing suit, but I don’t like to lump myself into that category. I figured if I was going to soak up some virtual sun, I might as well look absolutely fabulous while I did so.

I’ve got a few things in my closet from Soul Designs, but I really like this outfit. For one, it has this nice figure-hugging pair of cropped pants. You can probably wear these with literally anything which is part of the reason I love them, but Soul Designs has paired them with this really fabulous patterned crop top. The colors are vibrant and fun–totally my speed–and totally perfect for a day at the beach, if I do say so myself. Soul Designs will have this “Sonia” outfit available for purchase at iNOVARE’s Fashiontropic event, which starts on the 7th of this month and goes all the way until the 30th. That also means that you’ve got more than enough time to get your beach on and stock up on some of these awesome summer fashions.

I once met a man who told me that I was beautiful. But then he kept talking. He said he hated makeup, green was a horrible color (it’s one of my favorites!), and that no one looked good in a crop top. Well, firstly, I loooove to show off a bit of skin. Especially in the summer. And secondly, I am pretty sure that he was wrong. Here’s a closer look at the crop top that comes with the Sonia outfit. Fabulous, right?


And of course I had to throw on some shades. I think these serve multiple purposes. They keep my pixely little eyes safe from the pixely sun, and they look really great. They’re from Meva, and they’re another item available at the Fashiontropic event coming up. They’re also HUD driven, so you can customize everything from the frames to the transparency in the lenses.

soul designs meva 1

I really wish we had real beaches in Indiana. Unfortunately, we’re land-locked, so all we get is the ridiculous heat. I suppose I could go throw a hilarious amount of salt into the pool and do my best to pretend, but I have a feeling it simply won’t be the same, so I’ll probably continue to come back to this place in-world for while over the summer and just let my imagination run a little wild. And of course, there’s always Fashiontropic. From what I’ve seen, this event is really going to herald in the summer with a pretty big bang. Stay tuned to my blog or check out iNOVARE’s Facebook page (linked on my homepage) for more information. I’ll provide a SURL for the event once one is available. Hope to see you all there!

Shape – Mine
Skin – Glam Affair‘s Lilith America 01
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Female Hands (Elegant)
Eyes – IKON‘s Sunrise Eyes in Azure
Makeup – Madrid Solo‘s Period Designs (Hustle) for cheeks, and The Nudes II #4 for lips
Hair – Exile‘s Caitrin in Persimmon
Glasses – Meva‘s Bamboo Glass ***AVAILABLE AT FASHIONTROPIC 7/7-7/30
Outfit – Soul Designs‘ Sonia Tropical Set w/ HUDs ***AVAILABLE AT FASHIONTROPIC 7/7-7/30
Poses – *PosESioN* Electric 3 and Modern Default 7
Location – *Among the Wildflowers* – The Forgotten Island


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