It’s Coming…

fashiontropic 1 - full copy

So, a couple days ago, I did a casting for .PENUMBRA. I’ve done a few castings since I started this little adventure into the modeling world in Second Life, and I’ve found that I learn something new every time I do something like this. I didn’t make the cut for the casting, but that’s okay, too. I took away something valuable from the experience anyway, and because of that, I think I’ll do a lot better next time. I do have to say though, there were some pretty awesome people at the casting. It’s always super fun to me to see how different people interpret different styling challenges. Everyone looked fabulous.

I do different castings when they come up because I feel like the only way to really put myself out there and get experience is to expose myself to the possibility to fail. And sometimes I do. But sometimes? I surprise myself. Being chosen as a blogger for iNOVARE’s Fashiontropic event? That was exciting. As most of you who follow this blog know, I’m new to this whole thing, and I’ve kind of been taking things one step at a time.The opportunity to assist and get the word out about Fashiontropic had me bouncing in my seat.

Which reminds me…

Seven days!

And in honor of that fact (and the fact that I am a bit of a smarty-pants at times, and simply can not help myself), I made this last night:

Fashiontropic Teaser

iNOVARE’s Fashiontropic event starts in a week, and goes until the end of the month. If you’re curious, you can click the link to the left of this blog entry and get more information from iNOVARE’s Facebook page, or you can follow this blog, because I’ll be hanging out at Fashiontropic throughout the month, gettin’ my sun on, and doing my best to show you what fabulousness Fashiontropic has to offer.

I sunburn easily, but trust me, I feel like this event is really going to bring the bang to the beach this summer. Dead Dollz, Ghee, Vero Modero–only a few of the names releasing some fantastic sizzling summer pieces for this event. Are you excited yet? You should be. You know you’re curious.

fashiontropic 1 - quarter copy

In the spirit of the whole event and the fact that it is finally summer time, I couldn’t help myself. I had to go to the beach and soak up the sun while I took the pictures for this blog. There are some absolutely stunning beaches to explore around Second Life, but this was one I’d never been to before, and I’m glad I found it. It was beautiful. I was probably there a good two hours taking pictures and just exploring.

I’m really glad I looked around.

I guess that means there’s a moral to the story today. If not for exploring and trying new things, most of us probably wouldn’t be where we are today, right? Right. So, try something new,guys. Check out Fashiontropic, let yourself get a little bit of sun, and while you’re there, see if you don’t find yourself ready to walk barefoot along the beach and smell the flowers… err.. I mean the ocean.

fashiontropic 1 - back view

Curious about some of the fashion you’ve seen today?

Shape – mine
Skin – Glam Affair‘s Lilith America 01
Eyes – IKON‘s Sunrise Eyes in Azure
Hair – Exile‘s Nina and Little Things in Persimmon
Hands – Slink‘s AvEnhance Female Hands – Elegant
Feet – Slink AvEnhance Feet (High)
Makeup (Beach Photo) – Madrid Solo‘s Period Designs (Hustle), Seductress (Soil Umber), and The Nudes II #4
Makeup (Teaser Photo) – Nova Bodyshop‘s Jamie Eyeshadow v1 { oo8 } ***AVAILABLE AT FASHIONTROPIC 7/7-7/30
Hat (Teaser Photo) – Astralia‘s Summer Flower Hat
Necklace/Earrings – *KUNGLERS* Carolina Set in Emerald ***AVAILABLE AT FASHIONTROPIC 7/7-730
Bracelet – [MANDALA]‘s Unisex Okaki Set in Brown
Dress – even.flow‘s Capricorn Dress (Tropical) ***AVAILABLEAT FASHIONTROPIC 7/7-7/30
Shoes – Slink‘s Gabrielle Heels in Black
Location (Beach Photos) – *Among the WildFlowers* – The Forgotten Island
Poses – *PosESioN* Divine 4, Statue 3, Madrid 3, and Gold 8


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