I Don’t Think Excited is the Right Word…

I’m baaaaack everyone! Sort of. Right now, we’re in a hotel while we search for a house, but Second Life is working, so ya know what, that works for me. I can make that work. That said, I have some news. I didn’t think I would have some news so soon after coming back, so I’m a little excited. Or perhaps a little more than excited. I don’t think excited is the right word.

Today, I was hanging out at Harmony Garden in SL. Occasionally, I like to do random searches in-world and see if I can find something interesting to pass the time. First of all, Harmony Garden is really pretty. I loved it, and I only walked around for a few minutes. I don’t have a picture for this blog, but I was exploring today because I got some good news and I wanted to explore while I processed everything.

Coming up in July is what is sure to be a fabulous event hosted by iNOVARE called Fashiontropic. I am so, so SO excited to see what Fashiontropic has to offer, and I’m even more excited to tell you all that I get to be one of the bloggers for this event! This is the first time I’ve been involved in something like this, and to say I’m bouncing off of the walls… Well, I don’t think that would adequately describe my feelings, either.

So while there’s not a picture with this post, I will be sure to post plenty of images and do my best to keep everyone updated as I explore. It’s going to be fabulous, and I’m honored to be involved.


*ahem* Well, the dancing is left to another blog, actually… So I’m going to leave it at that. Keep your eyes on the blog. I’ll try to post updates and photos as I can. July is going to be awesome!


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