If Ya Can’t Say Something Nice…

Hey everyone~

So, a while back, before I took my break from SL and began be-bopping around the country and arguing with the doctors and giving everyone a huge headache, I participated in Style Kingdom’s Style Challenge via some submissions on Facebook. It’s been a few months ago now, and I didn’t even place, BUT it was a lot of fun, and I realized, now that I have what resembles an internet connection, that I never posted some of those photos… I think perhaps because the challenge was still going on, and then because I went “away” for a bit.

I wanted to share them here because I like to share things. We all already know that I’m not the best at taking photos of myself, but that’s okay. I’m going to share them anyway, and I apologize if they make your eyes bleed. ANYWAY, if I remember correctly, we had four different stying bases we could choose from: punk, hipster, boho, and… high street fashion? I don’t know. Don’t shoot me, but I can’t remember the last one. Sometimes I forget what I had for breakfast, but when I’m back in world I’ll look everything up and get everything squared away and updated here.

I should be back in-world soon, now that everything is starting to fall into place. I’m pretty excited about that. Unfortunately, my absence has flubbed a few things up. I’m no longer Personal Assistant for Regal. That opportunity has flown the coop, so to speak (just like my health… haha–Hey, if I couldn’t laugh at myself, I’d be a serious sour-puss!) but that’s okay. If nothing else, I’ve learned a few very important lessons since starting out in the modeling world. One of the very first lessons I learned is that you can’t be afraid of disappointment or failure, because no matter who you are or what you’ve done or who you know, you’re going to fail. A lot. And you’re going to disappoint people even when you try not to. Even when that’s the last possible thing you’d want to do.

But that’s okay. It happens, and if you’re serious about modeling in SL or really committing to anything in SL, you have to learn to take the bad with the good. For example, I may have lost a job, but there are others. I’ve made some wonderful friends who have really helped me to blossom on this journey, and it has been so much fun. So much. I think, if you go through an experience like this expecting that everyone will always love you and you will be the best and you’re never going to do anything wrong, you’re just going to fall flat.

Modeling is fun. But it’s hard. I know girls who have worked for years to get to where they are. I admire them. I aspire to be like that one day… But I don’t expect it to happen overnight. I don’t expect, especially after being gone for two months, that anything is going to be easy, but I’m here, and y’all have pulled me in to this wonderful world of fashion that I just don’t have the opportunity to explore in real life, and I intend to stick around for a very long time, and hopefully learn a thing or two while I’m at it.

I know my last post wasn’t exactly full of sunshine and rainbows. I’ve gotten a lot of slack from a lot of people about my hiatus from the grid, but it was needed, and when I get back, I’ll be recharged, a little less broken, and ready to grab the bull by the horns once again and really push forward. I’d like to thank all of you who read this and especially those of you who encouraged me to not be so damn afraid to jump right in, go to castings, introduce myself to people, and try new things.

You know who you are, and I love you to pieces.

Now, with that said, please enjoy these awful pictures I took for the Style Kingdom Challenge. This first one I didn’t even submit. I took it after the challenge had ended. I guess you could say I was inspired. That, and I’m kind of a Boho spirit in real life.

(I DON’T have style cards for these right now, but I promise I will be updating this post once I can get onto the grid. This internet connection won’t really sustain logging in, but everything will be updated soon enough…)

See? There’s a reason I didn’t win the challenge, but that’s okay! It was fun! Style cards to come when I can get back on grid!

Much <3,



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