Heralding Spring with ColdLogic!

It’s spring time! And by spring time, I mean that in my neck of the woods, it actually got above freezing today, and I feel like that warrants a post. Also, I may have been shopping, and we all know what happens when I do that whole shopping thing. ColdLogic has long been one of my favorite stores for women’s mesh. They have a lot of fun stuff, but I really liked the cropped t-shirt with the peace sign that you see in the above picture. I’ve been told I’m a bit of a “hippie” in Second Life. What y’all may not know about me is that I’m very much the same in real life. I love bohemian patterns, bright colors, and free-flowing fabrics. So of course when I saw this crop top, I had a little giggle in real life and then made sure to purchase one for myself.

And imagine my surprise when I woke up today and the sun was actually out, and it was warm enough that I could actually turn off my heat. I may be getting a little bit ahead of myself, but I thought, “Oh, my goodness! Spring! You’re here! Oh, how I’ve missed you!” And I decided that since hey, it’s nice and warm outside in real life, I can go ahead and dress up and celebrate in Second Life too, because why not?

So of course I had to turn to my fun coldLogic top. I love it. I do still suck at this whole picture-taking thing, but I like to think I did a decent job. It’s cute, right? Yeah. Super cute!

Thank goodness it’s finally starting to warm up around here. I’ll be keeping cool in real life and second life.

Want the details?

Shape – Mine
Skin – Glam Affair‘s Lilith (America tone
Eyes – Ikon‘s Sunrise Eyes (Azure)
Hands – Slink‘s AvEnhance Female Hands (Elegant)
Hair – Magika‘s “Meadow”
Top – ColdLogic‘s Larsen Top (blue)
Jeans – ColdLogic‘s Kime Trouser (navy)


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