Confessions of a SL Shopaholic? (Happy Birthday, coldLogic!)

It’s time for another installment of “Watch as Nova Flails About and Tries to Pretend Like She Knows What She’s Doing!”

On today’s episode… Shopping!

Okay, so little known secret about me that hasn’t really traveled beyond my classes at the Regal Academy? I can find something to love just about everywhere I look, especially when it comes to fashion in Second Life. This is something I’ve recently discovered about myself, and something I’m sure has probably made my instructors giggle a time or two. I’m getting ready for my graduation from my 101 class, and we were given a styling challenge. I’ve done a few of those in the past because of my insane desire to jump right into things and “wing it”–but I’ve been learning a thing or two lately and having a lot of fun doing so.

So yesterday after I spent an obscene amount of time trying to get my eyelashes to look just right, I decided I’d go out shopping for poses. As you can probably guess by the pose used above, I was unsuccessful (so far). So then, in all my wonder and glory and intelligence, I decided, “Hey Nova. It’s okay. If your thumb INSISTS on hiding in your jacket, there are ways to fix that. This is Second Life, after all. Go buy a new one!”

I am a creature of habit, so one of my first stops on my epic dress-finding adventure was a place called Cold Logic. If you haven’t been there, you should check it out. Another Nova secret? Cold Logic is the place that I bought my very first mesh clothing items. This was a while ago, back before I’d really hopped on the mesh bandwagon. As a dancer in Second Life, I was convinced mesh was the devil. It doesn’t exactly move all that well with dance animations, and therefore I was convinced it wasn’t for me. Until I tried it, of course. I went to Cold Logic, and I bought a pair of skinny jeans and a top to go with them, and then I decided, “Hey, this mesh stuff isn’t too bad. I look so cute!”

So of course, in the midst of my mesh-and-pose-disagreement crisis, I defaulted to what I knew, and I took my happy-go-lucky pixel butt on over to Cold Logic. And then I discovered that it was like Christmas all over again. See that adorable dress in the picture at the top? I have one EXACTLY like it in real life. Look at it. Stare. Love it. Here’s the best part–it was free. Not free to group members, or free if you bought a million lindens worth of merchandise, but FREE. Free… Because I happened to pop into Cold Logic in the middle of their Anniversary sale. Everything in the flagship store was 50% off of its original price.

Like I said, Christmas all over again.

What did that mean for me and my little dress problem? It meant, ladies and gentlemen, that Nova bought not one, but TWO new dresses… and a jumpsuit… and a sweater… and a new pair of trousers and a top to match… I may actually be missing a few things. I was a woman inspired. And a woman making sure to take advantage of 50% of some of the items which I’ve had eyeballs on for a while. Thank goodness I have lucrative employment in Second Life.

Don’t I look cute? Of course I do. I look fabulous.

I even found something to welcome in the warmer weather… if it ever decides to get here.

Like I said… Fabulous, right?

You wanna know?

Shape – Mine
Skin – Glam Affair‘s Lilith (America)
Eyes – IKON‘s ‘Sunrise’ Eyes (Azure)
Eyelashes – *Redgrave*‘s Eyelashes – 01 (Daily)
Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands, Female (Elegant)
Hair – Exile‘s Nina (Light Reds Pack – Persimmon)
Cheeks – Madrid Solo‘s Period Designs (Hustle)
Lips – Madrid Solo‘s Lip Designs (The Nudes II, #4)
Dress (1st Picture) – coldLogic‘s Anniversary Gift 2015
Bikini (2nd Picture) – coldLogic‘s Malibu (Jade)
Jewelry (both pictures) – RealEvil Industry‘s LUX Brooklyn Set (with texture change hud)


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