It’s Not Always Black and White, Except When It Is…

So, I’m new to the fashion world, and I’ve been neglecting this blog a little bit, mostly because I have no idea what to put here just yet. But tonight, I was playing around with a few things I found in the boutiques at the Regal sim, and joking about how I was enjoying playing with the black and white perhaps a little too much, and then I had to stop. And giggle.

I came to the world of SL fashion from the world of SL dance. On the outside, you might not think that there are many similarities between the two, but in that, you’d be wrong. In fact, the person who gave me my initial push into the modeling world is a dancer herself. We’ve danced alongside one another, and we’ve secretly hoped the other would trip when we’ve competed against one another. (Not really, Tivi. I’d never want you to trip. Eating sand isn’t fun…)

Anyway, I was laughing about how 80’s-tastic the above photo was and how I’d taken the black and white pattern too far, and how I still felt like I had no idea what I was doing sometimes. I follow several SL fashion blogs, though. I’m doing the whole modeling schooling thing at Regal and learning a lot. I’m playing with the obscene, and I do mean obscene amount of clothing and random accessories in my inventory for the first time in forever, and not just putting on the outfit that comes in the box. I’ve met some wonderfully friendly and helpful people. I’ve been to a few open casting calls since, ya know, it’s hard to go to the not open ones when you’re a newb. I was even 2nd Runner Up for Regal’s Runway Style Challenge this month. Yay me!…

…And then I realized that the fashion world in SL is very much like the dance world. When I started out, I didn’t even have a dance hud. I bought individual dance animations, lined them up at the top of my screen, and pressed the little ‘play in world’ button when I was ready to use that particular animation. This wasn’t because I started dancing in the pre-dance hud era, but simply because I didn’t really know any better. I did things this way for a good several months when I first entered the dance world. (Try getting your animations to line up nicely when you’ve not got a built-in recorder [thank you, Barre], or a gigantic list of every animation known to Second Life categorized by name and time [thank you, Dance Queens]).

I did the newb thing like that for a while, pressing those ‘play in world’ buttons and saying a silent prayer to the second life anti-lag gods and cursing when I forgot to stop an animation, and it played too long and my avatar jumped across the screen. And then I was introduced to the world of dance huds… and boy, did my life get a little more interesting. Since then, I’ve been dancing my pixely butt off in every venue that will have me, and in Gor as well. But then I decided to take the proverbial leap into the modeling world. It was different and scary and being the “new kid” again sucks and I was almost positive that I was in well over my head.

Until a couple weeks ago. A couple weeks ago, I went to the open casting call for the Mr. and Miss Model International Competition (A HUGE congratulations to Mr. Model International, Adonis Hansome, and Miss Model International, Lady FalinaKatzenjammer, by the way!) and I was standing behind a few beautiful ladies with resumes a mile and a half long who looked like they could murder me with their heels and not break a sweat if they so chose… and then one of them hopped into my IMs. 

And we both had a nice spaz-session about whether or not there were bumpers, or if we’d be eaten alive by lag as soon as we started down the runway, or if our mesh would malfunction and we’d appear half naked before the people who were supposed to be judging us.

You know what I do right before I dance? I frantically load all of the animations for my song. I message a dancer friend or two to make sure I have hair, or that my clothes or lack of clothes are as they are supposed to be. I look through my emotes  if I happen to have any, and I de-script myself as much as possible because SL lag is an indiscriminate and cruel monster who strikes when we least expect it and doesn’t give two poos about how long we spent preparing or why we’re doing what we’re doing or how much it means to us. And then, even after I do all that, I still say a little prayer that I won’t metaphorically fall on my face the moment it’s time to actually start dancing.

I’ve found operating in the modeling world to be very similar. Maybe I’m a bit more “prepared” than I thought I was. Too bad I can’t dance down most runways or I’d really kill it!

Styling 411 —

Shape – Mine
Skin – Glam Affair‘s Lillith (America)
Eyes – LAQ‘s Dazzling Marine Eyes
Hands – Slink‘s AvEnhance Female Hands (Elegant)
Hair – Magika‘s Honest [01]
Blush – Madrid Solo‘s Period Designs (Hustle – Blush, Moles, Freckles)
Lips – Madrid Solo‘s Lip Designs “The Nudes II” (#4)
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer‘s Pearls Combo Set and Singles (Long)
Dress – *Ydea*‘s Gioia Mini Dress (with color change hud!)
Pants – Wicca’s Wardrobe‘s Anakri Pants [B&W Edition]


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