Diving Right In…

Ghee Girl 2015 - Novaleigh Freng - Full Body

I know, guys. I know. I’m horrible at this whole picture-taking thing, but I told myself I’d try, so here we go. I’ll post the styling information at the end. The last time I posted, I talked about being new to the whole fashion industry in SL. That’s still true, but I’ve had so much fun in the last couple weeks than I’ve had in a while. After the confidence booster that was the MMI tryouts, I tried out for a vintage Chanel show, and most recently, threw my hat into the ring for Ghee Girl 2015. The moral of the story is this: you’ll never know what you can do or how much fun you can have until you actually try, and sometimes, that means just taking a deep breath and taking a leap. I’ve had so much fun.

I’d like to thank those of you who were responsible for giving me the push that I needed. I’d also like to tip my hat to some of the blogs I’ve been following since I started this journey. So many of you are so inspiring and have so much fun. I’ve also gotten some wonderful ideas from some of your awesome posts. Thank you all. Please stay tuned. Maybe my photography will get a little more stomach-able as I go along.

Let’s hope, yeah?

Styling info:

Make-up: Face Paint “Lip Paint Siren 1
Earrings – Chop Zuey’s Yw Topaz 3D – **Chop Zuey Group Gift on the Regal Sim**
Ring – Chop Zuey’s Blu Topaz 1A – **Chop Zuey Group Gift on the Regal Sim**
Hair – Exile‘s Jaela
Tights – Ghee‘s AW14 Saffron Tights
Scarf – Apple May Designs Bundle Scarf
Bracelet – [MANDALA] Okaki Bracelet Set
Boots – Ghee‘s Claret Suede Rose Boots
Glasses – Ghee‘s Boho Hip Shades
Dress – Ghee‘s Marissa Carnelian


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