Pretending Like I Know What I’m Doing…

So, I am pretty new to the world of fashion in Second Life. I’m just now starting to learn about the mechanics of it all. How taller avatars work better on the runway, for example. Or how mesh is much easier to fit when you’re a certain size. How every model in Second Life has their own special ‘it’ factor… Something that makes them stand out from every other avatar with the same skin, or the same hair. It’s more complicated than I initially thought it would be, and that makes it a challenge. I love a good challenge, so in that regard, I feel like I might be in the right place.

I recently started taking classes at Regal in-world. Since diving head first into the modeling world, I’ve already strengthened some bonds with some ‘old’ friends in Second Life, and I’m happy to say that I’ve made some new ones as well. I think when it boils down to it that’s what we’re all here for in one way or another.

The modeling world in SL is competitive, and it can be a little scary. A little back story on me? I do competitive dancing in Second Life already. I compete in Gor, where my dances are judged on their written content, on how well they move. Does that first animation not flow well into the second one? Points off. Does the music not fit the animations? More points off. Do my words not fit the music, or the animations, or maybe, in some horrifying and unhappy incidents, both? Well, that’s a lot of points off. I compete regularly. Almost every weekend. So when I joined the modeling world, I wasn’t scared about the idea of a little competition.

Well, it’s definitely a bit different.

I’ve got a confession to make. I went on my first open casting call this weekend, on Saturday. I was floored by how many people were there. Some, I knew, had been doing it for quite a while. I know because I used to write runway scripts for Siren Productions, so it was hard to miss some of the names I knew I’d seen on some of the lists for their shows. I was terrified, and I was sure I had about a snowball’s chance in Hell of actually being successful. Here I was in line with a bunch of people who had resumes a mile long, or at the very least had completed more than a 101 class on modeling in Second Life. I struck up a conversation with the girl in front of me. We were both in line for the same thing. We were both going to march down that runway and hope that at the end of the weekend our names were called for the next round. In this case, the casting call was for the Mr. and Miss Model International Competition.

Yeah. When I decide to do something, I dive right in. Doesn’t mean I’m not shaking in my shoes on the other end of the computer, but you only live once, right?

We chatted and wished each other well, and she gave me a quick run-down of what to do when it was time for me to walk. I watched her and several others go before me, and then it was my turn.

Well, the unfortunate part of the story is that after all of this, I found out I won’t be able to continue on. I am out of state right now visiting a friend in a much colder, much snowier area of the country, and we had to move my trip home up to this coming weekend to avoid some weather-related issues–when the first of the official “Competition” part of the MMI Competition begins.

But you know what the awesome part is? Even though I won’t be continuing on in the competition, it was super awesome to see my name on the list of contestants. I’m bummed I had to move my trip up a bit and won’t get the chance to compete with some of the amazing girls I met the other day, but at the same time, going to the casting call this weekend and actually doing it rather than just sitting back and admiring others who did, was a huge confidence booster. And it was super fun, too!

Watch out, oh mysterious world of Second Life fahion–I’m here, and I’m going to have an absolute blast on this new adventure.
I’m going to try to update this fairly regularly as I explore the world of Second Life fashion. Each post will come with a pretty picture. Or at least what I hope is a pretty picture. Please stay tuned for more updates! There will be laughs. There will be tears. There will be mesh.

*dramatic music*

Oh. Y’all can have that styling info now, too:

Make-up (Eyes and Lips) – Face Paint’s Audrey II 1 – **Face Paint Gift on the Regal Sim**
Earrings – Chop Zuey’s Yw Topaz 3D – **Chop Zuey Group Gift on the Regal Sim**
Ring – Chop Zuey’s Blu Topaz 1A – **Chop Zuey Group Gift on the Regal Sim**
Dress – Ghee
s Lucy dress
Hair – Exile‘s Jaela
Skin – Glam Affair‘s Lilith
Eyes – LAQ‘s Dazzling Marine Eyes
Shape – mine.
Body – Slink Physique
Hands – Slink‘s AvEnhance Hands (Female, Elegant)


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